Tabla Drone: A calm and meditive track for tabla and tanbura with an ancient, spiritual, dark, and mystical feeling that evokes India. The table plays a complex beat with rhythmic cadences while the tanbura plucks away in a droning and ambient feel.

This music is perfect for dramatic, documentary, and travel projects related to Indian and Hindu culture.

Three Versions:
"Tabla Drone' complete: 2:23
"Tabla Drone" 1.5-minute edit: 1:23
"Tabla Drone" 40-second edit: 0:39

76 BPM

Ancient India: A calm and meditative track for solo tanbura that evokes an ancient and mystical sound evocative of India and Indian music 

traditions. The tone of the tanbura is deep and spiritual in character, slowly moving from note to note to make the most of the 

rich, evolving, and resonant tone of the instrument.

This music is perfect for dramatic, documentary, and travel projects related to Indian and Hindu culture.

Three Versions:
"Ancient India" complete: 2:44
"Ancient India" short edit: 1:15
"Ancient India" 40-second edit: 0:36

62 BPM

Tabla Chill: A tabla and synth track with a slow and relaxed character. The tabla maintains a calm beat throughout while beautiful electronic tones resonate and emerge through the musical texture.

Two Versions:
"Indian Flute and Tabla" complete: 2:15
"Indian Flute and Tabla" 1-minute edit: 1:04

78 BPM

Indian Flute and Tabla: A flute and tabla world music track in the Indian raga style. The wooden flute is called a bansuri, a traditional Indian instrument, and plays the melody in this piece of music. The flute is accompanied by a tabla, that plays a slow beat throughout the track.

Two Versions:
"Indian Flute and Tabla" complete: 2:08
"Indian Flute and Tabla" short edit:0:49

78 BPM

World Beat: A groovy little world beat music track for plucked instruments, bells, and kalimba (African thumb piano). While this music is in the traditional style of any particular musical tradition, it is a confluence of different traditions from africa, southeast asia, and the middle east.

The track would be great as background music for documentaries, films, video and mobile games, and much more.

Four versions included:
"World Beat" complete: 3:00
"World Beat" short edit: 1:44
"World Beat" 1-minute edit: 0:53
"World Beat" 30-second edit: 0:28

76 BPM

Tibetan GardenA calming and relaxed track that mixed electronic and instrumental Tibetan bowl samples (bells) to create an atmospheric eastern world music track.

This music has an ancient world music feel that evokes spirituality and ritual through the droning of bells and rich metallic resonant timbres.

Four Versions:
"Tibetan Garden" complete: 2:12
"Tibetan Garden" 1-minute edit: 1:00
"Tibetan Garden" 30-second edit: 0:31
"Tibetan Garden" extended edit: 3:34

76 BPM

Gamelon: A track in the Indonesian, Gamelan style for metallophone instruments and gongs. Perfect for documentaries, travel advertisements, and as ambient music in games and videos looking for an exotic feel.

Four Versions Included:
"Gamelan" complete: 2:09
"Gamelan" 1-minute edit: 1:06
"Gamelan" 30-second edit: 0:33
"Gamelan" no gong: 2:09

76 BPM

Spiritual China: A calm and beautiful eastern world music track that features the soft droning of bells with plucked erdhu, violins, and woodwinds to create a spiritual and atmospheric track. This music is great for documentaries, films, games, and other projects featuring ancient eastern elements from China, Japan, or Tibet.

Three versions:
"Spiritual China" complete: 2:06
"Spiritual China" 1.5-minute edit: 1:28
"Spiritual China" 50-second edit: 0:50

72 BPM

African Beat: A deep groove with an African sound brought by the skin percussion, and world music instruments.

Three variations included:
"African Beat" complete: 2:12
"African Beat" short edit 1: 1:21
"African Beat" short edit 2: 0:47

112 BPM

Indian Duet: A track for hammered dulcimer (santoor) and Saz with a constant rich instrumental drone. The two lead instruments play one after the other, alternating more and more as the music goes on. 

This is a light and folksy version of Indian music that could work for a wide range of India, middle-eastern or other world-beat related projects and advertisements.

2:10 Duration

72 BPM