Tenderness: A calm and beautiful track with a tender, relaxing and beautiful character played by solo piano in a popular classical style. This music is inspiring and intimate, perfect for love and romance scenes and projects.

Four versions:
"Tenderness" complete: 2:04
"Tenderness" short edit: 1:17
"Tenderness" 1-minute edit: 0:54
"Tenderness" 30-second edit: 0:30

102 BPM

Tender Soundtrack: a piece of music for piano and orchestra that portrays a calm and beautiful atmosphere through a slow and yearning chord progression performed by pretty piano arpeggios combined with soaring string and brass melodies.

The music begins with strings and piano alone, building up in forces to an epic and glorious brass and choir entrance before completion.

The following versions of the track come with the purchase of the license, which can also be heard in the preview:
"Tender Soundtrack" complete: 3:00
"Tender Soundtrack" 2-minute edit: 1:57
"Tender Soundtrack" 1-minute edit: 0:54
"Tender Soundtrack" solo piano edit: 0:54

92 BPM

Orchestra Of Love: A soft, calm, and beautiful cinematic orchestral track featuring lush strings, calm winds, lush but subdued horn choir, and an intricate and vivid solo violin part.

This music is in a classical symphonic style with a sentimental and deeply emotional feel that makes it loving, pastoral, and sorrowful.

Three Versions:
"Orchestra Of Love" complete: 2:20
"Orchestra Of Love" 1-minute strings edit: 1:00
"Orchestra Of Love" 30-second strings edit: 0:33

72 BPM

Orchestra Of Beauty: A soft, calm, and beautiful cinematic orchestral track featuring lush strings, calm winds, a proud solo horn, and an intricate and vivid solo violin.

This music is sentimental and intimate with a deeply emotional sound that makes it both loving and sorrowful.

Three Versions:
"Orchestra Of Beauty" complete: 1:07
"Orchestra Of Beauty" short edit (no intro): 0:49
"Orchestra Of Beauty" 30-second edit: 0:32

72 BPM

Haze of Love: A beautiful sentimental cinematic track for string orchestra with solo cello playing beautiful and lush melodies under the finely crafted harmonic counterpoint in the upper strings.

Three versions included:
"Haze Of Love" complete: 2:20
"Haze Of Love" no intro: 1:53
"Haze Of Love" 1-minute edit: 1:13

92 BPM

Loving Moment: A beautiful pastoral track for strings and piano that invokes a loving and sentimental cinematic feel.

Two versions:
"Loving Moment" complete: 0:49
"Loving Moment" short edit: 0:26

63 BPM

Sincere: A serene, calm and beautiful cinematic track in the sentimental background music genre. This track features solo cello with soft piano accompaniment and Celtic harp.

This track is relaxing and intimate in character, bringing a peaceful orchestral sound to any production looking for a tender and sincere emotional profile.

Five edits included:
"Sincere" complete: 2:01
"Sincere" 1.5-minute edit: 1:32
"Sincere" 1-minute edit: 1:03
"Sincere" 1-minute calm edit: 1:03
"Sincere" 30-second edit: 0:34

66 BPM

Deep Within: A deep and beautiful sentimental cinematic track for choir and orchestra.

This music is emotional and intimate in character, with slow melodic motions playing over warm harmonies in a calm and fulfilling manner.

This track is ideal for film, videos, and games looking for background music for a touching or sentimental scene.

Four edits:
"Deep Within" complete: 2:06
"Deep Within" instrumental: 1:40
"Deep Within" 1 minute edit: 1:13
"Deep Within" 30 second edit: 0:33

72 BPM

Heartfelt: A beautiful and heartfelt piece of music for piano, bass (acoustic and electric), solo cello, bells, and Celtic harp.

This music is calm and relaxing, with a sentimental and tender feeling.

Five edits included:
"Heartfelt" complete: 2:18
"Heartfelt" short edit: 1:17
"Heartfelt" short calm: 0:43
"Heartfelt" ad spot: 0:25

142 BPM

Sentimentality: A calm and sentimental cinematic music track for choir, string basses, and electric guitar.

This music is slow and beautiful, full of harmonic warmth and relaxing, atmospheric beauty. 

Five versions included:
"Sentimentality" complete: 3:03
"Sentimentality" 2-minute edit: 2:12
"Sentimentality" 1.5-minute edit: 1:22
"Sentimentality" 30-second edit: 0:31

76 BPM

Sweet Nostalgia: A beautiful and sentimental track electric guitars, bass, and reversed guitar samples.

This track is calm and relaxing in character, with a melancholy and nostalgic emotional profile. This music is perfect for sentimental cinematic use or as a background, ambient music backdrop in corporate videos and presentations looking for an inspirational and tender feel.

Four Versions included:
"Sweet Nostalgia" complete: 3:03
"Sweet Nostalgia" no intro (2-minute edit): 2:03
"Sweet Nostalgia" 1-minute edit: 1:08
"Sweet Nostalgia" 30-second edit: 0:18

140 (70) BPM

Emotional Inspiration: A touching and sentimental corporate motivational track with a positive and inspiring feeling.

This track features the piano with bass, kick drum, violins, and cello.

Five versions included:
"Emotional Inspiration" complete: 2:11
"Emotional Inspiration" piano edit: 1:21
"Emotional Inspiration" short edit: 0:56
"Emotional Inspiration" short light edit: 0:43
"Emotional Inspiration" stinger: 0:18

154 BPM

Sentimental Reflection: A beautiful and sentimental cinematic track for piano, Fender Rhodes, and orchestral strings.

This music is slow and tender, providing an emotional and sweet, romantic atmosphere with an aura of pieace and relaxation.

Three versions included:
"Sentimental Reflection" complete: 2:10
"Sentimental Reflection" edit 1: 1:29
"Sentimental Reflection" edit 2: 0:48

70 BPM

Emotional: A cello solo with the accompaniment of piano, bass, and synths. This track gives a deeply sentimental and emotional sense to the listener and is perfect for a wide range of uses in video, film, tv, and games.

The music is melodic and rich and cinematic, perfect for the portrayal of love, hope, and dreams.

102 BPM

2:08 Duration

 Sentimental Classical Piano: A beautiful and sentimental cinematic track for piano and orchestra.

This music is slow and tender, providing an emotional and sweet, romantic atmosphere with an aura of pieace and relaxation.

Five versions included:
"Sentimental Classical Piano" complete: 2:37
"Sentimental Classical Piano" variation 1: 1:29
"Sentimental Classical Piano" variation 2: 1:42
"Sentimental Classical Piano" variation 3: 0:48
"Sentimental Classical Piano" variation 4: 0:20

70 BPM

Sentimental Mood: A beautiful and sentimental piece of music for piano and Strings. The piano takes the lead, playing smooth and tender melodic figures with a low cello ensemble accompaniment holding down the bass. As the track goes on, an emotional melody enters played by a solo cello, thickened by the violin sections, building up to a climax of feeling.

This music is emotional and dramatic, reminiscent of cinematic soundtracks in the sentimental style designed for loving or intimate scenes.

The following edits are included:
"Sentimental Mood" complete: 2:28
"Sentimental Mood" no intro: 1:45
"Sentimental Mood" piano solo: 2:28

68 BPM

Quiet Night: A beautiful and calm track featuring ambient piano chords with a slow and touching, melodic guitar solo. This music is ambient and beautiful, a touching soundtrack for many productions.

70 BPM

2:21 Duration

An intimate, emotional, romantic track for solo piano with cello. The music is cinematic and romantic in character.

The music begins with the piano playing alone in a slow and ambient manner. A subtle melody in the piano emerges just before the entrance of the cello, which then takes the lead voice for the remainder of the track while the piano part is revealed as the accompaniment. 

A second version of the track is included that does not have the introductory solo piano section and goes straight to the cello melody.

2 versions:
"Romantic Cello" complete: 2:09
"Romantic Cello" no intro: 1:40


Proud and Beautiful: A beautiful and sentimental track for cello, strings, and synth tones. This track is high energy and can work well in both cinematic and corporate projects.

117 BPM

2:03 Duration