Nostalgia: A laid back and inspiration indie rock track for drums, bass, guitar, Fender Rhodes, and violins. This music is great for inspirational or motivational videos or any project looking for a beautiful and positive tone.

Four versions included:
"Nostalgia" complete: 2:31
"Nostalgia" 1.5-minute edit: 1:37
"Nostalgia" 1-minute edit: 1:02
"Nostalgia" ad spot: 0:26

108 BPM

Funky Surf Rock: A driving and funky surf rock track featuring drums, bass, keyboards, and electric guitars. This music has a cool and groovy feel.

Two versions included:
"Funky Surf Rock" complete: 2:08
"Funky Surf Rock" short edit: 0:35

134 BPM

Laid Back: A laid back and groovy indie rock track for drums, bass, guitar, and Fender Rhodes. This music is laid back, bringing a relaxed mood and calling upon some of the vintage guitar and bass tones that have been re-popularized by indie rock groups with their nostalgic and positive tone.

Three versions included:
"Laid Back" complete: 2:54
"Laid Back" 1.5-minute edit: 1:29
"Laid Back" 45-second edit: 0:47

91 BPM

Electric KrautA dark ambient rock track for solo electric guitar with cello and synth. This music has an epic and deep quality as the slow drone of electric guitar combines with the synth and cello tones to create a powerful atmosphere. The title refers to kraut rock, which was an early ambient rock movement out of Germany that influences bands like God Speed, Mogwai, and others.

Three versions included:
"Electric Kraut" complete: 2:13
"Electric Kraut" 1.5-minute edit: 1:33
"Electric Kraut" 1-minute edit: 0:53

72 BPM

Rock Monolith: A dark and powerful cinematic ambient rock track that focuses on the tone of a deep electric guitar with distortion and overdrive. This track is designed as background music, it moves slowly and sets an epic and mysterious mood that is perfect for video games, trailers, film, and more.

Two versions of the track included:
"Rock Monolith" complete: 2:03
"Rock Monolith" short edit: 0:53

72 BPM

Cool Rock: A calm and beautiful indie rock track for drum kit, bass, guitar, and keyboard. This track is in a relaxed and ambient style, great for capturing a low key and peaceful mood.

Five versions included:
"Cool Rock" complete: 2:20
"Cool Rock" short edit: 1:25
"Cool Rock" 1-minute edit: 0:58
"Cool Rock" 30-second edit: 0:30
"Cool Rock" no drums: 2:20

140 BPM

Indie Rock Nostalgia: A nostalgic sounding rock track with an ambient and slow character that captures the melancholy and sentimentality of indie rock.

Two Versions:
"Indie Rock Nostalgia" complete: 2:11
"Indie Rock Nostalgia" short edit: 0:40

84 BPM

Grunge Instrumental: A melancholy and nostalgic sounding heavy grunge rock instrumental. This music has a laid back and relaxed vibe with a sad emotional profile.

Three Versions:
"Grunge Instrumental" complete: 2:02
"Grunge Instrumental" short variation: 1:24
"Grunge Instrumental" 40 second variation: 0:39

85 BPM

Distorted Ritual: A dark ambient rock track with a cinematic flair. This track uses rich and distorted guitar tones in combination with processed orchestral brass samples to create and epic tapestry of sound.

This track has a serious and mysterious emotional profile, making it great as background music in sci-fi, fantasy, or thriller movies, shows, trailers, and games.

Five versions included:
"Distorted Ritual" complete: 2:15
"Distorted Ritual" variation 1: 1:25
"Distorted Ritual" variation 2: 1:00
"Distorted Ritual" variation 3: 0:34
"Distorted Ritual" variation 4 (EXTENDED): 3:56

76 BPM

Suspended Electrics: A combination of deep electric guitars and reversed guitar tones coming together to create a deep and powerful ambient rock track. This music is designed as background music for film, movies, games, and trailers.

short edit included:
"Suspended Electric" complete: 2:11
"Suspended Electric" variation 1: 1:37
"Suspended Electric" variation 2: 0:40
"Suspended Electric" variation 3: 0:28
"Suspended Electric" variation 4: 3:42

84 BPM

Epic Ambient Rock: An epic track for distorted electric guitars and electric bass. A combination of slow, heavy riffs combine and build to create a powerful and dramatic musical sequence. 

2 edits included:
"Epic Ambient Rock" complete: 2:11
"Epic Ambient Rock" short edit: 1:09


"Slow Motion Rock Trailer" is a laid back cinematic rock track. When I wrote the music I imagined the kind of game or movie trailer with slow motion action and explosions, which give the music it's character and title. 

Instruments: Electric guitars, reverse electric guitars, drums, reverse cymbals, acoustic guitar, electric bass, strings

80 BPM

1:21 Duration

Guitars of Darkness: An epic ambient rock track that mixes electric guitars, electric bass, and orchestral brass instruments to create a dark and mysterious piece of music.

This music is ideal for cinematic uses in trailers, film, tv, and games.

Five versions, including an extended version of the track is included, making a great value for this track!

Five versions included:
"Guitars of Darkness" complete: 2:16
"Guitars of Darkness" extended variation: 3:14
"Guitars of Darkness" variation 2: 1:28
"Guitars of Darkness" variation 3: 1:01
"Guitars of Darkness" variation 4: 0:34

141 BPM

Epic Metal: An intense and driving metal track. This track features drums, electric guitar, and electric bass and features a buildup of energy and intensity in a cinematic rock style.

134 BPM

2:05 Duration

Feel Good: A bright, clean, and positive rock track best suited for corporate and business end usages.


2:19 Duration

Western Ambient: A western track with a cinematic feel, perfect for background music in a suspenseful scene. This track could be used in a landscape shot of the west or to add an ominous character to a shootout at high noon.

157 (78.5) BPM

2:10 duration

Lite Rock: A bright, clean, and positive rock track best suited for corporate and business end usages.


2:19 Duration

Cinematic Metal: A heavy metal distorted guitar plays a slow and epic lead role as swirly textures of orchestral color sit in the deep and rich resonance of the electric guitar sounds.

Perfect for game and movie trailers as well as a wide range of metal-themed media productions.

92 BPM

2:11 duration