Doomsday: A dark and dramatic cinematic orchestral track that uses a huge string orchestra to portray a deep and disturbing atmosphere.

This music is great for suspense, horror, and sci-fi projects.

Three versions of the track included:
"Doomsday" complete: 2:11
"Doomsday" short edit: 1:15
"Doomsday" 50-second edit: 0:53

86 BPM

Ethereal Orchestral Strings: An ethereal orchestral track that focuses on the high harmonics of the violins playing a slowly unfolding melody before the entrance of the deep low cello C strings to ground the high notes and complete the brief track. This music is designed as ambient background music for film, tv, games, and trailers in the high or dark fantasy genres.

Two Versions:
"Ethereal Orchestral Strings" complete: 1:10
"Ethereal Orchestral Strings" no low strings: 1:10

52 BPM

Orchestral Fullness: A rich, beautiful, and resonant orchestral music track. A basic chord progression played by strings and winds repeats, growing larger and deeper with each repetition until a slow and beautiful melody emerges.

Four Versions Included:
"Orchestral Fullness" complete: 1:55
"Orchestral Fullness" 1.5-minute edit: 1:24
"Orchestral Fullness" 1-minute edit: 0:54
"Orchestral Fullness" 30-second edit: 0:23

63 BPM

Vivid Strings: A beautiful and calm string orchestra track with a hopeful and sentimental emotional character. This music is great for film, tv, and ambient background music.

1:03 duration

52 BPM

Symphonic Build: Building up from a slow melody played by the upright bass section of the orchestra, this music builds up to an epic and powerful orchestral sound as the melody is passed up to the cellos, violas, violins, and woodwinds in turn. This music maintains a mysterious and sad emotional character throughout.

This music is in the cinematic orchestral style, reminiscent of Barber's Adagio for Strings or Gorecki's 4th symphony, the former made famous in the powerful scenes from Apocalypse Now.

Three versions included:
"Symphonic Build" complete: 2:05
"Symphonic Build" 1.5 minute edit: 1:23
"Symphonic Build" 1 minute edit: 1:06

69 BPM

Proud Orchestral Build: An epic and beautiful cinematic track, this music builds up a huge orchestral sound gradually while constantly expanding the instrumental palette as it progresses. This track is lush and full, presenting rich harmonies and slowly shifting melodic tones.

Five versions included:
"Proud Orchestral Build" complete: 2:40
"Proud Orchestral Build" calm edit: 0:59
"Proud Orchestral Build" melodic edit: 1:52
"Proud Orchestral Build" climactic edit: 1:03
"Proud Orchestral Build" short edit: 027

78 BPM

Calm Power: A powerful epic cinematic featuring orchestral brass with low contrabass strings.

This music is optimistic and powerful, with the full harmonies played by the rich brass tones.

Three versions included:
"Calm Power" complete: 2:21
"Calm Power" 1-minute powerful edit: 0:55
"Calm Power" short calm edit (horn choir solo): 0:38

112 BPM

Heroic Journey: A proud, patriotic, and regal track for full orchestra.

The brass open up with a big and strong fanfare, followed by a repetition of the brass theme in the strings. The B section then enters, which is a build up from the low basses and trombones up to the high violins and trumpets. The first theme then returns, getting even bigger than before as the entire orchestra plays as a group.

This music is epic and cinematic, perfect for tv, movies, film, games, trailers, and more.

2:06 Duration

80 BPM

Vast Landscape: A calm, vast, and beautiful orchestral track that gives a calm, peaceful and pastoral feel.

This music has a slowly evolving character, lasting longer than your average production music track. For this reason, several edit of the track are included here so that it may fit and film, video, game or other project.

Five versions included:
"Vast Landscape" complete: 3:43
"Vast Landscape" ambient version: 3:43
"Vast Landscape" short edit 1: 1:42
"Vast Landscape" short edit 2: 2:22
"Vast Landscape" 1 minute edit: 1:02

Fearless is a dramatic, cinematic, orchestral track that features a choir of french horns and String Orchestra. I purposely left out the percussion and usual booms to give it a more ethereal and possibly fantasy-style affect. I'm really happy with how this one turned out and would love to see someone pick it up for a film, show, and especially video game. 

3 versions:
"Fearless" complete: 1:45
"Fearless" string orchestra solo: 1:45
"Fearless" short edit: 0:55


Heroic Trailer: An intense and epic orchestral track with a heroic character. This music is perfect for a wide range of cinematic uses including, games, trailers, films, and anything looking for a huge orchestra to build an powerful feeling in your projects.

2 versions included:
"Heroic Trailer" complete: 1:26
"Heroic Trailer" short variation: 0:53

86 BPM

Calm and Sweet: A beautiful and sweet track for piano, harp, cello pizz, and violins. The music is simple and child-like with a tender and cute profile.

84 BPM
2:12 Duration

Orchestral Comfort: A beautiful and calm track for symphonic orchestra, featuring a low repeated note in the piano and harp with calm and slowly developing harmonic notes entering above.

3 versions:
"Orchestral Comfort" complete: 2:10
"Orchestral Comfort" no piano: 2:10
"Orchestral Comfort" short edit: 1:12

83 BPM

Unfolding: A slow and emotional piece for droning cellos with melodic violins. The track unfolds gradually with a slow melody that is at once tense and calm in character.

Duration: 2:44

61 BPM

Heroic Fantasy: A dark fantasy orchestral track featuring french horns, violins, clarinet, flute, and low strings and brass. 

This track features a repeating chord progression with an ethereal Hollywood style reminiscent of films such as Lord of the Rings and the work of Horner and Zimmer as well as game soundtracks like Dragon Age or Skyrim.


2 versions:

complete: 2:07
short edit: 1:09

An epic orchestral track with a dramatic and high-paced character.

This music was created with a full string orchestra of violins, violas, cellos, and basses along with the orchestral brass of french horns, trumpets, trombones, and tubas. Not moving away from the traditional acoustic instruments, this track has a classical Hollywood soundtrack vibe.

This track was designed for film, tv, and games looking for a big and powerful orchestral soundtrack.

72 BPM


A female choir chants in the ancient dorian church mode combined with a slow, rhythmic drone played by harp, piano, marimba, horn, and cello.

This track could be considered new age, vocal, or cinematic and is ideal for a wide variety of projects related to subjects such as meditation, yoga, weddings, film, games, and more.

96 BPM

2:25 Duration

A mysterious and beautiful orchestral track that begins with harp and string orchestra, building to a full orchestral combination of brass, winds, strings, and harp.

The music is dark and suspenseful with a modern Hollywood soundtrack character.

63 BPM

3:25 Duration

An epic orchestral track in the Fantasy Hollywood tradition. 

This music features a Celtic harp playing beautiful strummed chords along with a picked pattern. The harp continues to play at the rest of the orchestra enters beginning with the cello, playing a beautiful and rich melody. The music continues into a section highlighting the brass members of the orchestra before concluding with a big finish.

This music is designed for productions and projects in the fantasy, sci-fi, and suspense genres.

53 BPM

2:43 Duration