Eerie Suspense: A dark and suspenseful ambient track for horror and scifi that mixes orchestral strings, piano, and electronic synths to create a disturbing and eerie atmosphere.

This music is perfect as a background sountrack is horror films, tv, games, and videos. 

The gradual and ambient nature of this track makes it easily loopable or editable to fit any required duraiton.

Four Versions:
"Eerie Suspense" complete: 2:58
"Eerie Suspense" 1.5-minute edit: 1:25
"Eerie Suspense" 1-minute edit: 0:58
"Eerie Suspense" 30-second edit: 0:31

72 BPM

Suspense Mood: A dark, tense, and mysterious electronic ambient track with a cinematic horror soundtrack vibe.

This music is perfect for providing an uneasy feeling, especially in scifi, space, horror, futuristic, and suspense movies, trailers, and games.

Three versions included:
"Suspense Mood" complete: 2:34
"Suspense Mood" 2-minute edit (no intro): 1:51
"Suspense Mood" 1-minute edit: 1:00

76 BPM

Mysterious Suspense: A dark and mysterious repeated low note played by muted piano and low strings and woodwinds repeats ominously throughout this track as trombones and basses perform a gloomy and epic melodic bass line with high strings harmonizing.

This track is great for suspenseful scenes and trailer for films, tv, and video games. With a full orchestral group of instruments, this music is in the modern Hollywood style and sounds great as background music in any project.

2:07 Duration

66 BPM

Dark Suspense Strings: A film music track full of suspense and tension. This track uses a full string orchestra to create a dark and beautiful symphonic sound. This track is in the vein of Hollywood movie soundtracks, creating a strong mood in a scene with a background layer of music.

This track comes with two additional edits to make it fit a wider variety of projects
"Dark Suspense Strings" complete: 2:45
"Dark Suspense Strings" short edit 1: 1:45
"Dark Suspense Strings" short edit 2: 1:25

96 BPM

Guitars of Darkness: An epic ambient rock track that mixes electric guitars, electric bass, and orchestral brass instruments to create a dark and mysterious piece of music.

This music is ideal for cinematic uses in trailers, film, tv, and games.

Five versions, including an extended version of the track is included, making a great value for this track!

Five versions included:
"Guitars of Darkness" complete: 2:16
"Guitars of Darkness" extended variation: 3:14
"Guitars of Darkness" variation 2: 1:28
"Guitars of Darkness" variation 3: 1:01
"Guitars of Darkness" variation 4: 0:34

141 BPM

Modern Tension: A dark and suspenseful track in the modern cinematic ambient music style often heard in American TV and film today. The music is electronic, calling on rich and dynamic synth tones as well as carefully processed instrumental samples.

Two short edits included with this track:
“Modern Tension” complete: 2:10
“Modern Tension” short edit 1: 1:30
“Modern Tension” short edit 2: 0:57

91 BPM

Background Suspense: An epic cinematic track in a slow suspenseful style. This is an emotional and moody track, the full orchestral ebbs and flows, performing slowly shifting harmonic changes to create a tense and filmic feeling. This track is great for tv and film as well as video games looking for a symphonic, Hollywood soundtrack style

“Background Suspense” complete: 2:28
“Background Suspense” short edit: 1:18

82 BPM

Unfolding: A slow and emotional piece for droning cellos with melodic violins. The track unfolds gradually with a slow melody that is at once tense and calm in character.

Duration: 2:44

61 BPM

Lurker: A dark and gloomy cinematic track featuring the french horn with deep brass and strings. 

A slow and creepy melody is repeated with different instrumental arrangements in this track, creating a still and tense mood, perfect for suspense, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror productions in film, rtv, trailers, and games. This track comes with a short edit and may also be easily looped.

"Lurker" complete: 2:28
"Lurker" short edit: 1:14

55 BPM

Dark Swells: A dark and disturbing ambient track featuring slow swells along with ethereal string tones and a meandering, ambient piano.

Duration: 1:40