Lurking in the Deep: An dark and disturbing horror music track created with orchestral basses, synths and electronic drones to form a cinematic science fiction atmosphere. The music is deep, low, and full, portraying an unseen evil or danger lurking, creating suspense and tension.

This music is perfect as a background soundtrack is horror films, tv, games, and videos. 

The gradual and ambient nature of this track makes it easily loopable or editable to fit any required duration.

Four Versions:
"Lurking In The Deep" complete: 2:36
"Lurking In The Deep" 2-minute edit: 1:58
"Lurking In The Deep" 1-minute edit: 1:04
"Lurking In The Deep" 40-second edit: 0:42

56 BPM

Electric Horror: A spooky and scary ambient track created using electric guitars playing with an ebow. This music moves slowly, creating a dark and suspenseful mood.

This track is ideal for horror and suspense films, shows, videos, and games. The ambient nature of this track would make is very easy to loop and edit for the user.

Three versions included:
"Electric Horror" complete: 2:24
"Electric Horror" 1.5-minute edit: 1:23
"Electric Horror" 40-second edit: 0:38

63 BPM

Background Horror: A dark and suspenseful horror music track that mixes electronic instruments with orchestral strings. This music was created using a small collection of deep synth tones with metallic timbres as well as an ambient violin section. The slowly moving electronic soundscapes portrays a sense of fear and loathing as if one is in danger of being sneaked up on by a lurking monster.

Three versions included:
"Background Horror" complete: 2:09
"Background Horror" 1-minute edit: 1:04
"Background Horror" 40-second edit: 0:41

63 BPM

Electronic Horror: An ambient horror music track with a dark and disturbing tone. Low and rich synth tones were used to create this deeply suspenseful track, slowly rising up and melting away in a terrifying way.

Three versions included:
Electronic Horror "complete": 3:53
Electronic Horror "2-minute edit": 2:03
Electronic Horror "1-minute edit": 1:01

78 BPM

Ambient Tension: A calm and rhythmic ambient background music track designed to bring a subtle and tense feeling to any film, tv, or video project. This music is in a modern electronic style, using synths and samples with rich tones to crate a full and engrossing sound.

Three versions included:
"Ambient Tension" complete: 2:11
"Ambient Tension" 1-minute edit: 1:02
"Ambient Tension" 40-second edit: 0:40

84 BPM

Warped Strings: An experimental string orchestra track with a deep drone that has strange melodies and chords appearing above it. These chords are microtonal and unsettling, making this music capture and uneasy and alien mood.

This music works best in scifi, space, or horror productions that wish to allude to the supernatural or unknown

72 BPM

Tension: A dark and frightening horror music electronica track. This music was created using a small collection of deep synth tones and metallic timbres. The slowly moving electronic soundscapes portrays a sense of fear and loathing as if one is in danger of being snuck up on by a lurking monster.

Three versions included:
Tension "complete": 2:32
Tension "short edit": 1:18
Tension "40-second edit":0:41

52 BPM

Ominous: A dark and ominous track made from a combination of synths and orchestral brass and string to create a calm, still, and unsettling track. This music is full of suspense and uneasy wonder.

This track is perfect as ambient background music in films, trailers, and games.

"Ominous" complete: 2:04
"Ominous" 1.5-minute edit: 1:27
"Ominous" 1-minute edit: 0:53
"Ominous" 30-second edit: 0:29

58 BPM


Looming Evil: A dark and ominous track made from a combination of synths and orchestral brass and strings. This music is dark and uneasy, with a reoccurring piercing synth hit that creates a strong, foreboding feeling in the listener that makes this music perfect to create a sense of distress, foreboding, and suspense.

This track is perfect as ambient background music in films, trailers, and games.

"Looming Evil" complete: 1:22
"Looming Evil" short edit: 0:44
"Looming Evil" 30-second edit: 0:28

76 BPM

Ambient Scifi Horror: An eerie modern ambient horror track for a combination of electronic synths and samples.

This music is dark and scary, with deep, resonant tones plus high, ethereal, ghostly melodies. Perfect for horror and suspense productions and video games.

Five versions included!:
"Ambient Scifi Horror" complete: 2:17
"Ambient Scifi Horror" 1.5-minute edit: 1:30
"Ambient Scifi Horror" 45-second edit: 0:43
"Ambient Scifi Horror" extended edit: 3:52

61 BPM

Uneasy: An eerie modern ambient horror track for orchestral instruments playing unusual, microtonal harmonies (notes between the keyboard notes), that unsettle and create a dark and terrifying sense of suspense.

1:24 Duration

58 BPM


Eerie Background: A dark, mysterious, and beautiful production music track for violin and synths. The music has a calm and suspenseful character.

This track is ideal as mood music in film, tv, videos, and games looking for a eerie and other-worldly feeling.

Two Versions:
"Eerie Background" complete: 2:27
"Eerie Background" short edit: 1:17

96 BPM

Ambient Orchestral Horror: A deep and frightening horror music track in an orchestral cinematic style. 

A plucked piano plays a central role in the track, which is accompanied by low strings, violins, and brass.

This music is slow and mysterious, taking an ambient or background character with a sparse and uneasy feeling that makes it perfect for horror and suspense productions, trailers, and games.

"Ambient Orchestral Horror" complete: 2:08
"Ambient Orchestral Horror" 1.5-minute edit: 1:27
"Ambient Orchestral Horror" 1-minute edit: 1:02
"Ambient Orchestral Horror" 40-second edit: 0:39


Heavy Horror: An intense and epic cinematic track created with a combination of distorted electric guitars, bass, and orchestral brass.

This track was created for intense and suspenseful background music in horror films, videos, games, and trailers.

78 BPM

Five edits included:
"Heavy Horror" complete: 1:24
"Heavy Horror" no brass: 1:24
"Heavy Horror" variation 1: 1:00
"Heavy Horror" variation 2: 0:41
"Heavy Horror" variation 3: 0:36

Sparse HorrorA dark and disturbing horror track designed as suspenseful and moody background music.

"Spare Horror" complete: 2:09
"Spare Horror" short edit: 1:06

61 BPM

Night of Horror: A dark and ominous horror music track. This music has a slow introduction, with deep bass tones of both orchestral instruments and synths. After the mood builds and the bass thickens, mid and upper stringed instruments enter, playing frightening and energetic effects with a bell-like synth doubling. The track ends how it begins, with the low and eerie bass.

This music is ideal for horror, suspense, dark, and sci-fi/space genres in film, games, and trailers.

67 BPM

2:37 Duration

Horror: A dark and gloomy soundscape that projects fear suspense. This track is perfect for horror genre film, games, videos, and trailers as well as projects that require a scary and creepy musical soundtrack.

This track was made with a combination of synths and distorted instrumental timbres to create the haunting and cinematic atmosphere.

Short edited included:
“Horror” complete: 2:55
“Horror” short edit: 1:16

52 BPM

Deep Dark Ambiance: A deep and dark ambient music track, designed as moody background music for any type of project including film, tv, and trailers.

72 BPM

3:08 duration

Horror Story: A dark and frightening horror music track in the cinematic orchestral style. This music features string, performing in terrifying and other-worldy ways to create an intense and highly suspenseful atmosphere.

3 versions are included to ensure the maximum usability. These three versions may also be used at different moments in a creative production to provide and comprehensive and unified soundtrack:

"Horror Story" complete: 3:29
"Horror Story" short edit 1: cliffhanger: 2:09
"Horror Story" short edit 2: ambient: 1:26

78 BPM

Mystical Night: A new age ambient music track with a dark and calm character. This music is smooth and continuous, designed as background music with a relaxed and modern mood.

This track was creating uses a combination of rich orchestral timbres with electronic synth tones and electric bass and guitar.

3 versions included:
"Mystical Night" complete: 4:06
"Mystical Night" short edit 1: 2:41
"Mystical Night" short edit 2: 1:43

67 BPM

Burning Evil: A dark horror and suspense music track that mixes orchestral instruments with a deep and resonant synth sounds.

This music was made for suspense and horror films, presenting a distorted, dissonant, and intense soundscape that will add a powerful edge to a video project.

The track is bass heavy, being lead by the orchestral stringed instruments of the cello and contrabass while synth and processed instrumental tones with various levels of complexity and distortion are played overtop. The bass line itself is dark and evil sounding, reminiscent of the dark and frightening music of some epic epic heavy metal music.

Duration: 2:06

54 BPM

Ambient Tension: This is a sci-fi themed ambient electronic soundscape with a dark, aggressive, and suspenseful character.

This music sounds a bit like recent sci-fi film soundtracks such as Ex Machina. This track has several places where it is easily edited for different durations and loops. 

The following short edits are included:
“Ambient Tension” complete: 2:02
“Ambient Tension” short edit 1: 1:01
“Ambient Tension” short edit 2: 0:45

58 BPM

Lurker: A dark and gloomy cinematic track featuring the french horn with deep brass and strings. 

A slow and creepy melody is repeated with different instrumental arrangements in this track, creating a still and tense mood, perfect for suspense, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror productions in film, rtv, trailers, and games. This track comes with a short edit and may also be easily looped.

"Lurker" complete: 2:28
"Lurker" short edit: 1:14

55 BPM

Dark Swells: A dark and disturbing ambient track featuring slow swells along with ethereal string tones and a meandering, ambient piano.

Ambient Violins: A cinematic track for strings, featuring the flautando technique on the violin, which produces a more, calm and ambient tone color. This music slowly unfolds, from a simple 2-part melody to a more complex movement of harmonies and expansion of tonal range.

2:46 Duration

59 BPM