Funk Action: A driving and fast paced electronica track with a funky beat, intense colorful synths, and intricate musical changes.

Short edit included, as heard in preview:
"Funk Action" complete: 2:04
"Funk Action" short edit: 1:05

114 BPM

Funky Drum and Bass: A funky track for drums and electric bass.

This music makes for great background music in upbeat, hip, and cool projects.

140 BPM

2:11 Duration

Driving Funk: A fun and rhythmically driving funk music track created using a combination of electric guitar, electric bass, shakers, and drums. 

Four versions included:
"Driving Funk" complete: 2:06
"Driving Funk" variation 1: 1:05
"Driving Funk" variation 2: 0:51
"Driving Funk" variation 3: 0:30

140 BPM