Powerful Cinematic Orchestra: A strong and powerful cinematic track for orchestra with an intense and driving rhythmic energy.

This music features a large orchestra with roaring brass, deep low strings, blaring trumpets, and cinematic cymbal rolls.

Three Versions:
"Powerful Cinematic Trailer" complete: 1:29
"Powerful Cinematic Trailer" 50-second edit: 0:51
"Powerful Cinematic Trailer" 30-second edit: 0:28

126 BPM

Battle and Triumph: A powerful cinematic orchestral track featuring a huge orchestra of strings, brass, winds, and percussion. This track has and epic and huge sound, as low brass and driving rhythmic drums play a key role in this music. 

This music would work great for film, tv, advertisements, sports programming, video games, and more.

Four versions of the track included:
"Battle and Triumph" complete: 2:59
"Battle and Triumph" short edit: 1:44
"Battle and Triumph" 1-minute edit: 1:14
"Battle and Triumph" 40-second edit: 0:44

142 BPM

Hypnotic String Adagio: A slow, dark, and mysterious orchestral strings track with a solemn, ancient character. 

This track features deep and low strings performing a slow and ominous bass melody with ethereal harmonics playing chords above.

This track has a suspenseful and emotional character and would work well in fantasy productions and video games.

Three Versions:
"Hypnotic String Adagio" complete: 2:12
"Hypnotic String Adagio" short edit: 0:52
"Hypnotic String Adagio" extended edit: 3:58

72 BPM

Superhero Trailer: A deep and dark track that mixes synth and electronic sounds with orchestral brass and percussion instruments to create an epic and powerful track. 
This music is ideal for action, suspense, or climactic trailers for film, shows, and games or any project looking for a powerful apocalyptic sound.

Three versions included:
"Superhero Trailer" complete: 1:03
"Superhero Trailer" short edit 1: 0:37
"Superhero Trailer" short edit 2: 0:25

112 BPM

Orchestral Action: A dark and powerful epic cinematic track in the dramatic action genre. This music is in the style of an orchestral soundtrack for film, trailers, and video games. This music is well suited for action sequences or things like superhero movies.

A full orchestra is called upon, from strident brass to deep strings, driving violins, and intense, propulsive drums.

Three versions:
"Orchestral Action" complete: 1:11
"Orchestral Action" short edit: 0:48
"Orchestral Action" ad spot: 0:26

96 BPM

Hulking: A powerful, epic, cinematic track for orchestra. This music features a huge brass section as well as strings and percussion. 

The music begins with a dark and hard chord combined with a climactic taiko drum part that leads to a march-like section with a slow, eerie melody in the middle register.

This music is ideal for fantasy, sci-fi, superhero, and other cinematic purposes in film, tv, games, and trailers.

Four versions:
"Hulking" complete: 2:05
"Hulking" 1.5-minute edit: 1:29
"Hulking" 45-second edit: 0:46
"Hulking" no percussion: 2:05

140 BPM

On The Field: A powerful and patriotic sounding cinematic sports music track for a full orchestra of brass, strings, and percussion.

Beginning with a powerful and short build in the strings and percussion the music opens up to a brass fanfare played by horns and trumpets before introducing the pastoral and nostalgic melodic section. The tone and emotional profile as well as narrative of the music makes this track perfect for sports related video and promotional projects.

Four versions included:
"On The Field" complete: 1:09
"On The Field" 40-second edit: 0:38
"On The Field" 25-second edit: 0:24
"On The Field" no percussion edit: 1:09

The Game: A powerful orchestral music track for sports and sporting related projects.

This music is ideal for advertisements and announcement videos looking for an epic orchestral sound that evokes the open air of a field or stadium on a day of a big event. The music begins with a brass fanfare before going into a calm section with a simple melody before building back up to the epic horn and percussion fanfare.

Four versions included:
"The Game" complete: 1:20
"The Game" 45-second edit: 0:45
"The Game" no percussion: 1:20
"The Game" 30-second edit: 0:35

96 BPM

Mysterious March: A dark and plodding orchestral track for large rhythmic drums, low brass, low strings, violins, and solo french horn.

This music is evocative and powerful, presenting a serious hollywood style filmscore that could work well as a background soundtrack in video games and other productions in a fantasy style.

Four versions included:
"Mysterious March" complete: 1:38
"Mysterious March" 50-second edit: 0:47
"Mysterious March" 30-second edit: 0:34
"Mysterious March" no percussion: 1:38

76 BPM

Apocalypse: An epic and powerful cinematic track for driving percussion of timpani and taiko drums in combination with strings and a huge low brass section. 

This track alternates between a fast and rhythmic part played by the strings with fast drum patterns in contrast to the epic brass chord sections accompanied by loud hits that give the sense of a gigantic and foreboding menace.

This music is in the hollywood film score style, working well with superhero, fantasy, futuristic, sci-fi, suspense, and horror productions of film, video games, and trailers.

Three versions:
"Apocalypse" complete: 1:32
"Apocalypse" 50-second edit: 0:51
"Apocalypse" 30-second edit: 0:32

140 BPM

End Of Times: A dark and epic orchestral track featuring a huge collection of string instruments playing mournful melodies over a lush and rich harmonic bed of double basses and cellos.

This music is ideal as an ambient film score in the Hollywood style for film, tv, movies, video games, and trailers in fantasy, adventure, and other dramatic genres.

Four versions included:
"End Of Times" complete: 2:11
"End Of Times" 1.5-minute edit: 1:26
"End Of Times" 45-second edit: 0:48
"End Of Times" extended edit: 4:10

117 BPM

Epic: An epic track for orchestra. This music features huge percussion and driving strings that produce a huge and powerful sound.

This music is great for film and video game trailers looking for music with big hits and cuts and a dark overall tone.

Five Versions:
"Epic" complete: 2:07
"Epic" 1.5-minute edit: 1:34
"Epic" 1-minute edit: 1:05
"Epic" 30-second edit: 0:33
"Epic" no percussion: 2:07

102 BPM

Dark Synth And Orchestra: A dark and mysterious cinematic track for synths mixed with full orchestra of brass, strings, and percussion. 

This music is great for film trailers and video games, especially in the sci-fi and space genres.

Four Versions included:
"Dark Synth And Orchestra" complete: 2:07
"Dark Synth And Orchestra" 1-minute edit: 1:02
"Dark Synth And Orchestra" 50-second edit: 0:50
"Dark Synth And Orchestra" 20-second edit: 0:19

124 BPM

Cinematic Chase: A powerful, epic track for big percussion and strings that creates a driving and dramatic soundtrack designed for action or chase scenes in film, video games, and trailers.

This music is high energy, never letting up the rhythmic playing of the cellos as the track builds up to be more and more intense before the end.

Five Versions:
"Cinematic Chase" complete: 2:09
"Cinematic Chase" 1-minute edit: 1:06
"Cinematic Chase" 40-second edit: 0:41
"Cinematic Chase" 30-second cello edit: 0:28
"Cinematic Chase" no percussion: 2:09

76 BPM

Dark Orchestral Power is a track large orchestra of strings, brass, and percussion. This music has a rhythmic, driving character created by the continuous use of staccato stings and deep pounding orchestral percussion. This music is evocative of the Hollywood film scores heard in action and fantasy movies.

This music is great for film trailers and video games looking for a high energy, dark, and epic feel.

Four Versions:
"Dark Orchestral Power" complete: 2:07
"Dark Orchestral Power" 1-minute edit: 1:10
"Dark Orchestral power" trailer edit: 0:26
"Dark Orchestral Power" no percussion: 2:07

92 BPM

Action Epic: An epic and monstrous track for orchestra and synth. This music features huge percussion and a roaring brass section to provide powerful hits and dramatic action.

This music is great for film and video game trailers looking for music with big hits and cuts and a dark overall tone.

Four Versions:
"Action Epic" complete: 2:12
"Action Epic" 1.5-minute edit: 1:28
"Action Epic" 50-second edit: 0:50
"Action Epic" 30-second edit: 0:31

76 BPM

Modern Filmscore: A cinematic track with a cool and modern character, mixing electronic and orchestral elements to create a groovy, cool, and dark ambient soundtrack.

This track was created using synths, cello, piano, kick drum, and string orchestra.

This music is ideal for suspense, action, scifi, and horror films, videos, trailers, and games.

Three Versions:
"Modern Filmscore" complete: 2:05
"Modern Filmscore" short edit: 0:57
"Modern Filmscore" 40-second edit: 0:43

142 BPM

Intense Trailer: An epic and climactic cinematic track designed for trailers. This music incluedes big percussive hits, and huge orchestra, and added electric bass. This music is powerful, dark, intense, and dramatic.

2 versions included:
"Intense Trailer" complete: 1:02
"Intense Trailer" short edit: 0:45

112 BPM

Symphonic Fantasy: An epic symphonic track in a dramatic, fantasy orchestral style as heard in Hollywood film score and background music for trailers.

This track features soaring melodies and rich harmonies performed by big brass choirs, strings, woodwinds, and a mixed choir of voices.

Four versions included:
"Symphonic Fantasy" complete: 2:07
"Symphonic Fantasy" 1.5-minute edit: 1:27
"Symphonic Fantasy" 45-second edit: 0:47
"Symphonic Fantasy"extended edit: 3:47

96 BPM

Power: An epic and energetic track for electric guitar with orchestra. This music includes a full orchestral instrumental selection of strings, brass, winds, and percussion.

This music is perfect for film and video game trailers looking for music with a powerful tone and a dark overall feel.

Four Versions:
"Power" complete: 2:20
"Power" short edit: 1:18
"Power" 1-minute edit: 0:55
"Power" 30-second edit: 0:32
104 BPM

Epic: An epic and monstrous track for electric guitar with orchestra and choir. This music features huge percussion and a roaring brass section to provide powerful hits and dramatic action.

This music is great for film and video game trailers looking for music with big hits and cuts and a dark overall tone.

Four Versions:
"Epic" complete: 2:15
"Epic" 1-minute edit: 1:16
"Epic" ad spot: 0:23
"Epic" extended cut: 3:06

112 BPM

Mysterious: A dark, mysterious, and beautiful production music track for string orchestra with electric guitar. The music has a calm and peaceful atmosphere with slowly shifting harmonies and melodies played by a resonant electric guitar, deep cellos, and ethereal violins.

This track is ideal as mood music in film, tv, videos, and games.

Four Versions:
"Mysterious" complete: 2:33
"Mysterious" short edit:1:23
"Mysterious" 1-minute edit: 0:52
"Mysterious" 30 second chordal edit: 0:38

69 BPM

Cinematic Calm: A slow, calm, and beautiful cinematic production music track for choir, orchestra with and ambient and relaxing electric guitar. This music presents a slowly moving ambient music, perfect as a background for a wide range of cinematic video and game projects.

Five versions included:
"Cinematic Calm" complete: 2:14
"Cinematic Calm" 1.5 minute: 1:35
"Cinematic Calm" 1-minute edit: 1:03
"Cinematic Calm" 30-second edit: 0:31
"Cinematic Calm" 20-second edit: 0:21

68 BPM

Cinematic Landscape: A powerful cinematic track for string orchestra, choir, and electric guitar. This track is in a scifi style, but can be used for a wide range of dramatic projects including film, games, and trailers.

This music is deep and lush, using a full orchestral sound with dynamic string techniques and full open harmonies throughout. The choir and guitar have a beautiful and ambient quality that is grounded by the deep string basses and fullness of the sound.

Two versions:
"Cinematic Landscape" complete: 2:09
"Cinematic Landscape" no intro: 1:37

92 BPM

Powerful Low Strings: A dark and powerful track for low strings basses and cellos. The cellos play an epic and strident melody over the drone of the low basses to make this a moving and intense score for any film or game project.

Three Versions Included:
"Powerful Low Strings" complete: 2:04
"Powerful Low Strings" 1-minute edit: 0:49
"Powerful Low Strings" 20 second edit: 0:21

122 BPM

Deep Calm: A dark and mysterious ambient track with a slow and mysterious feel.

This track features a deep and rich pad of sound created by mixing synth tones with low orchestral strings and vocal samples. 

Two versions:
"Deep Calm" complete: 2:49
"Deep Calm" short edit: 1:39

96 BPM

Mystical Night: A mysterious and beautiful track with an ancient world music feel. This music sounds rich and spiritual with its deep bowed tones and powerful resonance. 

This music is great for cinematic purposes as well as for yoga, meditation, wellness, and video games looking for a medieval and dark feel.

Five versions included:
"Mystical Night" complete: 2:24
"Mystical Night" 1 minute edit: 1:08
"Mystical Night" 40-second edit: 0:38

63 BPM

Creepy Synth And Strings: A dark and disturbing cinematic track that mixes rich snyth tones with orchestral string instruments to produce an ominous, ambient, and eerie soundtrack. This music is ideal for suspense, action, scifi, and horror films, videos, trailers, and games.

Two versions:
"Creepy Synth and Strings" complete: 0:57
"Creepy Synth and Strings" short edit: 0:27

96 BPM

Calm Powerful Interlude: A powerful epic cinematic featuring orchestral brass with low contrabass strings.

This music is optimistic and powerful, with the full harmonies played by the rich brass tones.

Two versions included:
"Calm Powerful Interlude" complete: 1:17
"Calm Powerful Interlude" short edit:  0:39

76 BPM

Orchestral Sadness: An orchestral track that builds from a solitary violin melody into a slow march expressing loss and despair. The music is extremely sad and emotional, perfect for fantasy and dark fantasy scenes with an epic feel.

A full string section including violins, violas, cellos, and basses were used. Additionally, flutes and brass are used to harmonize and fill our the sound. Finally, orchestral percussion of bass drum, taiko, and harp punctuate important moments in the musical discourse.

66 BPM

1:13 Duration

"Epic" is exactly how it sounds: a powerful and explosive orchestral track with resonant percussion and drum hits combined with swelling brass and deep strings. 

This track was designed for film and game trailers in mind. Despite the intensity of the music, this track is essentially background music and the deep chords and lack of melody make it perfect for combination with sound effects, visuals and voice overs.

Two versions of the track included:
"Epic" complete version: 1:03
"Epic" extended version: 2:06

96 BPM

Intense Trailer: An intense, epic, cinematic track perfect for movie and game trailers. This is a high octane, suspenseful track that features distorted guitar, orchestral percussion (taiko drums), huge brass, and deep synth tones.

0:53 Duration

96 BPM

Fantastic Adventure: A thrilling and epic fantasy orchestral music track. This music is cinematic and evocative, building up gradually from the violin sections into a full symphonic orchestra.

3 versions included:
"Fantasy Adventure" complete: 2:56
"Fantasy Adventure" ethereal variation: 2:56
"Fantasy Adventure" short edit: 1:51

132 BPM

Mysterious Orchestra: A beautiful and mysterious orchestral music track. This music is cinematic and dark in character, ideal for films, videos, games, and trailers in the fantasy, dark fantasy, kids, and Halloween genres and themes.

A full orchestra is used, featuring the violins, glockenspiel, harp, french horn, and cellos in particular. The emotional profile is one of mystery and wonder, suggesting a questioning, concentrated, lonely, and thoughtful feeling.

Sounds a bit like the film music soundtracks of James Horner in Tim Burton films.

Versions included:
"Mysterious Orchestra" complete: 1:44
"Mysterious Orchestra" short edit: 1:00

52 BPM

Expansive Strings: A cinematic orchestral track for string orchestra that features a gradual buildup of instrumental forces from the low basses and cellos up to the violas an violins, each adding a new layer of counterpoint. This music is in a slow tempo and features beautiful melodic movements and hair raising, mysterious harmonic changes.

This music is in the Hollywood orchestral style.

The music is well suited for a wide range of applications including film, tv, games in the fantasy, dark fantasy, dramatic, and suspense genres.

3:03 Duration

63 BPM

Fearless is a dramatic, cinematic, orchestral track that features a choir of french horns and String Orchestra. I purposely left out the percussion and usual booms to give it a more ethereal and possibly fantasy-style affect. I'm really happy with how this one turned out and would love to see someone pick it up for a film, show, and especially video game. 

3 versions:
"Fearless" complete: 1:45
"Fearless" string orchestra solo: 1:45
"Fearless" short edit: 0:55


Heroic Trailer: An intense and epic orchestral track with a heroic character. This music is perfect for a wide range of cinematic uses including, games, trailers, films, and anything looking for a huge orchestra to build an powerful feeling in your projects.

2 versions included:
"Heroic Trailer" complete: 1:26
"Heroic Trailer" short variation: 0:53

86 BPM

Calm Tension: A dark and mysterious track for solo piano with orchestra.

Piano arpeggiations in the minor key set the mood for this track. Low piano notes are doubled by the orchestral cellos and basses. As the piece continues, the violins, horns, and trumpets all play their parts, maintaining the suspenseful and tense, ominous mood throughout.

3 versions included:
"Calm Tension" complete: 2:28
"Calm Tension" piano solo: 2:28
"Calm Tension" short edit: 1:02

84 BPM

"Darkness Falls" is an orchestral track with a dark, ambient character. The music features and active layer of strings that are deep and resonant, while slow melodic material is played by an ethereal electric guitar tone, clarinet, and violin in turn.

The music uses rich and warm harmonies in the key of C minor, maintaining a dramatic and suspenseful tone throughout.

Two versions:
"Darkness Falls" complete: 1:40
"Darkness Falls" 1 minute edit: 0:59

58 BPM

"A Hero's Trials" is an acoustic orchestral track in the epic cinematic style. The track uses a full string orchestra of separate violin sections, violas, cellos, and double basses. There is also a timpani (orchestral drum) that is featured prominently.

The mood of the track goes from dark to heroic in the two sections. There is a mysterious introduction that builds into a deep and mysterious section before opening up into rich and full, bright harmonies. The music then returns to the dark section through seamless transitions, then once more becomes heroic before ending with a dark, ethereal ending.

This track is similar in style to some of the great Hollywood composers such as Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, and John Williams. This music is most suited towards the fantasy genre but could be integrated into a wide variety of media projects and video work including film and video game scenes and trailers.

four versions:
"A Hero's Trial" complete: 3:39
"A Hero's Trial" no intro: 2:54
"A Hero's Trial" short edit 1: 1:24
"A Hero's Trial" short edit 2: 1:52

60 BPM

Dark Epic: A dark and epic cinematic orchestral track featuring deep percussion, epic brass, and huge low strings. The track uses a full orchestral palette and presents a vivid symphonic soundtrack in the Hollywood tradition.

3 versions included:
"Dark Epic" complete: 3:22
"Dark Epic" short edit 1: 1:40
"Dark Epic" short edit 2 (buildup): 1:51

84 BPM

Ambient Violins: A cinematic track for strings, featuring the flautando technique on the violin, which produces a more, calm and ambient tone color. This music slowly unfolds, from a simple 2-part melody to a more complex movement of harmonies and expansion of tonal range.

2:46 Duration

59 BPM

Burning Evil: A dark horror and suspense music track that mixes orchestral instruments with a deep and resonant synth sounds.

This music was made for suspense and horror films, presenting a distorted, dissonant, and intense soundscape that will add a powerful edge to a video project.

The track is bass heavy, being lead by the orchestral stringed instruments of the cello and contrabass while synth and processed instrumental tones with various levels of complexity and distortion are played overtop. The bass line itself is dark and evil sounding, reminiscent of the dark and frightening music of some epic epic heavy metal music.

Duration: 2:06

54 BPM

Orchestral Comfort: A beautiful and calm track for symphonic orchestra, featuring a low repeated note in the piano and harp with calm and slowly developing harmonic notes entering above.

3 versions:
"Orchestral Comfort" complete: 2:10
"Orchestral Comfort" no piano: 2:10
"Orchestral Comfort" short edit: 1:12

83 BPM

"Scfi Thriller Trailer" is a rhythmically propulsive cinematic track designed for movie/tv/game trailers or promos or a high paced scene such as a battle or chase. The music is high energy and rhythmic, mixing electronic and acoustic timbres and high-end electronic effects to create an exciting mixture of sound. 

Three versions of the track:
"Scifi Thriller Trailer" full version: 1:05 (preview at 0:00)
"Scifi Thriller Trailer" short edit: 0:40 (preview at 1:06)
"Scifi Thriller Trailer" chaser: 0:14 (preview at 1:48)

130 BPM

Night of Horror: A dark and ominous horror music track. This music has a slow introduction, with deep bass tones of both orchestral instruments and synths. After the mood builds and the bass thickens, mid and upper stringed instruments enter, playing frightening and energetic effects with a bell-like synth doubling. The track ends how it begins, with the low and eerie bass.

This music is ideal for horror, suspense, dark, and sci-fi/space genres in film, games, and trailers.

67 BPM

2:37 Duration

Unfolding: A slow and emotional piece for droning cellos with melodic violins. The track unfolds gradually with a slow melody that is at once tense and calm in character.

Duration: 2:44

61 BPM

Eternal: A beautiful and sorrowful track for string orchestra. A simple and expanding melody and harmony unfold, building towards small climaxes and maintaining a sad and desolate mood throughout the track. This music has a hypnotic beauty and would work well for a wide range of projects.

72 BPM

2:23 Duration

Proud and Beautiful: A beautiful and sentimental track for cello, strings, and synth tones. This track is high energy and can work well in both cinematic and corporate projects.

117 BPM

2:03 Duration

"Slow Motion Rock Trailer" is a laid back cinematic rock track. When I wrote the music I imagined the kind of game or movie trailer with slow motion action and explosions, which give the music it's character and title. 

Instruments: Electric guitars, reverse electric guitars, drums, reverse cymbals, acoustic guitar, electric bass, strings

80 BPM

1:21 Duration

Lurker: A dark and gloomy cinematic track featuring the french horn with deep brass and strings. 

A slow and creepy melody is repeated with different instrumental arrangements in this track, creating a still and tense mood, perfect for suspense, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror productions in film, rtv, trailers, and games. This track comes with a short edit and may also be easily looped.

"Lurker" complete: 2:28
"Lurker" short edit: 1:14

55 BPM

Night Journey: An epic orchestral track in the Fantasy Hollywood tradition. This music features a Celtic harp playing beautiful strummed chords along with a picked pattern. The harp continues to play at the rest of the orchestra enters beginning with the cello, playing a beautiful and rich melody. The music continues into a section highlighting the brass members of the orchestra before concluding with a big finish.

This music is designed for productions and projects in the fantasy, sci-fi, and suspense genres. 

Two edits of the track included:
"Night Journey" full version: 2:03
"Night Journey" short edit: 0:58


Heroic Brass: An epic and cinematic track that uses a full orchestral brass section of tubas, trombones, and trumpets to create a full and rich, heroic fanfare. 

This music sound a bit like John Williams' music from star wars and other Hollywood style epic orchestra score.

Two versions included:
Heroic Brass (complete): 2:24
Heroic BRass (short edit): 0:56

88 BPM

A dark fantasy orchestral track featuring french horns, violins, clarinet, flute, and low strings and brass. 

This track features a repeating chord progression with an ethereal Hollywood style reminiscent of films such as Lord of the Rings and the work of Horner and Zimmer as well as game soundtracks like Dragon Age or Skyrim.


2 versions:

complete: 2:07
short edit: 1:09

Western Ambient: A western track with a cinematic feel, perfect for background music in a suspenseful scene. This track could be used in a landscape shot of the west or to add an ominous character to a shootout at high noon.

157 (78.5) BPM

2:10 duration

A Hero's Battle: An epic orchestral track with a dramatic and high-paced character.

This music was created with a full string orchestra of violins, violas, cellos, and basses along with the orchestral brass of french horns, trumpets, trombones, and tubas. Not moving away from the traditional acoustic instruments, this track has a classical Hollywood soundtrack vibe.

This track was designed for film, tv, and games looking for a big and powerful orchestral soundtrack.

72 BPM


Forsaken, An orchestral fantasy and sci-fi track with a full palette of orchestral instruments. The primary instruments are the string section.

This track has an overall ambient character, with slowly surging harmonies and gradually unfolding melodies.

The music progresses slowly in a gorgeous and dark bet of sound that evokes scifi and fantasy realms, although the music is not limited to these genres and may be used in a wide range of tv, movie, film, game, and trailer productions.

Fantasy Realm, a mysterious and beautiful orchestral track that begins with harp and string orchestra, building to a full orchestral combination of brass, winds, strings, and harp.

The music is dark and suspenseful with a modern Hollywood soundtrack character.

Journey Into Darkness, an epic orchestral track in the Fantasy Hollywood tradition. 
This music features a Celtic harp playing beautiful strummed chords along with a picked pattern. The harp continues to play at the rest of the orchestra enters beginning with the cello, playing a beautiful and rich melody. The music continues into a section highlighting the brass members of the orchestra before concluding with a big finish.
This music is designed for productions and projects in the fantasy, sci-fi, and suspense genres.