The Journey: A powerful, dark, and driving orchestral film score that is ideal for dramatic, action, superhero, or fantasy productions.

This music features booming strings and low brass and winds along with a slowly building tapestry of rich harmonies in the horns and violins. Percussion plays a key role in this track, with the large, booming drums keeping a steady and exciting beat.

Five versions of the track included:
"The Journey" complete: 2:10
"The Journey" 1.5-minute edit: 1:23
"The Journey" 1-minute edit: 0:54
"The Journey" 30-second epic edit: 0:38
"The Journey" 30-second calm edit: 0:25

132 BPM

Epic Fantasy Strings: A dark and calm string orchestra track in a cinematic fantasy style.

This track builds up from low chords to soaring melodic violin lines accompanied by full string orchestra harmonies and plucked cellos.

Three Versions:
"Epic Fantasy Strings" complete: 2:26
"Epic Fantasy Strings" 1-minute edit: 1:11
"Epic Fantasy Strings" 30-second edit: 0:33

72 BPM

Ancient Strings: A beautiful and mysterious track for solo strings with a resonant, spiritual, and ancient sound.

This music moves slowly and presents a lush and solitary sound that makes it ideal for a wide range of fantasy games and videos as well as other cinematic projects.

Two Versions:
"Ancient Strings" complete:  2:10
"Ancient Strings" short edit: 1:20

72 BPM

Mystical Forest: A beautiful Classical chamber music track featuring flute, cello, glockenspiel, and harp with string orchestra.

Three versions:
"Mystical Forest" complete: 2:20
"Mystical Forest" short edit 1: 0:57
"Mystical Forest" short edit 2: 0:39

52 BPM

Mysterious Moment: A calm and mysterious orchestral track featuring strings.

0:45 duration

72 BPM

A dark and mysterious string orchestra track in the cinematic fantasy style. This music is rich and full, presenting a slowly moving epic string orchestra that plays sorrowful melodies and harmonies, building up and fading away in a dramatic musical flow. Clarinets are also used to thicken the orchestration, providing an increased sense of mystery and evoking the medieval, or ancient, fantasy world.

Four Versions Included:
"The Lonely Adventurer" complete: 2:07
"The Lonely Adventurer" short edit: 1:16
"The Lonely Adventurer" 1-minute edit: 1:02
"The Lonely Adventurer" 30-second edit: 0:34

104 BPM

Elven Forest: A dark and mysterious orchestral track in the Hollywood fantasy style. 

This music features deep brass and strings with rich harmonic changes combined with a magical sounding harp doubled with spiccatto violins. The track is cinematic in character, perfect for a high fantasy film, video game or trailer.

This music sounds a little like the compositions and film scores of movies like the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit or games soundtracks like Skyrim and The Witcher.

Three versions:
"Elven Forest" complete: 2:13
"Elven Forest" 1-minute edit: 1:06
"Elven Forest" 30-second edit: 0:32

72 BPM

Fantasy Cinematic: A powerful cinematic track for orchestra and choir with electric guitar in the fantasy or adventure style.

For this music a full orchestra or brass, winds, strings, and percussion was called upon, with a focus on the brass instruments to provide a thick and ethereal tone reminiscent of Hollywood fantasy film scores such as The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit with their full harmonies, varied orchestration, and soaring melodic passages.

Three versions included:
"Fantasy Cinematic" complete: 2:06
"Fantasy Cinematic" powerful 1-minute edit: 1:08
"Fantasy Cinematic" calm 1-minute edit: 0:53

58 BPM

Eerie Orchestral Score: A dark cinematic fantasy track with an ethereal and mysterious character. Fascinating and rich strings form a background pad for clarinet and celesta (bell) solos throughout this track. 

This music is eerie and quiet, making for a great ambient orchestral music score for film, games, and trailers.

Four versions included:
"Eerie Orchestral Score" complete: 2:24
"Eerie Orchestral Score" 1.5-minute edit: 1:22
"Eerie Orchestral Score" 1-minute calm edit: 0:54
"Eerie Orchestral Score" 30-second calm edit: 0:34

70 BPM

Dark March: A dark and powerful march for large orchestra. This track features huge percussion, powerful low strings, and epic orchestral brass.

This music is in a Hollywood film score style, providing a heavy, driving, and military background for videos, trailers, and games.

Four versions included:
"Dark March" complete: 2:06
"Dark March" no gong: 2:06
"Dark March" 1 minute edit: 1:04
"Dark March" 30 second edit: 0:27

156 BPM

Adventurous Journey: A powerful and epic orchestral track in a cinematic Hollywood style, portraying a sense of adventure and a difficult journey.

This track hints at a dark fantasy style, making it perfect for a wide range of film, video, and game projects looking for a dramatic and heroic character.

Four versions:

"Adventurous Journey" complete: 2:10

"Adventurous Journey" short variation: 1:30

"Adventurous Journey" 1 minute edit: 0:50

"Adventurous Journey 30 second edit: 0:36

72 BPM

"The Age of Dragons" is an epic cinematic track in the fantasy movie and game music style.

A full orchestra was used to create this track, focusing on the basses, violins, horns, and low woodwind instruments.

2:14 Duration

66 BPM

Orchestral Heartbeat: A dark, epic, cinematic music track for full orchestra. The music features the percussion as a central role, with tubular bells, bass drum, timpani, celesta, and plucked strings keeping a steady plodding heartbeat.

This track is in a Hollywood orchestral film score style in the dark fantasy or high fantasy genre.

"Orchestral Heartbeat" complete: 2:07
"Orchestral Heartbeat" short edit 1: 1:38
"Orchestral Heartbeat" short edit 2: 1:08
"Orchestral Heartbeat" no intro or ending section: 1:38
"Orchestral Heartbeat" 30 sec edit: 0:29

98 BPM

Epic Quest: A dark and powerful cinematic orchestral track that features a huge orchestra playing intense and driving music.

The track begins with an ominous nad ethereal feel, building to a big drop where all the low stringed instruments enter with the timpani and bass drum percussion. From here the music builds to an emotional and stirring climax with a soaring violin melody doubled by winds instruments.

This music is ideal for films, videos, trailers, and games in the fantasy, dark fantasy, adventure, action, and medieval genres, though it is by no means limited to these categories.

This music sounds a bit like the Hollywood movie scores of composers such as James Horner, John WIlliams, and Hans Zimmer in films such as the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.

Five versions included:
"Epic Quest" Complete: 2:27
"Epic Quest" short edit: 1:23
"Epic Quest" epic edit: 0:57
"Epic Quest" abreviated edit: 1:48
"Epic Quest" 30 second edit: 0:32

150 BPM

Medieval ChurchA medieval cinematic music track that mixes beautiful and spiritual choir with orchestral instruments in an intimate setting. The music features mixed male and female voices with bassoon, harp, celesta, recorders, and euphoniums (brass horns).

Three versions included:
"Medieval Church" complete: 2:15
"Medieval Church" no intro: 1:35
"Medieval Church" choir solo: 1:30
"Medieval Church" harp short edit: 0:50
"Medieval Church" celesta short edit: 0:50

96 BPM

Dark Stillness: A smooth and ethereal string harmonic progression defines the eerie and dark feeling of this track. Over top of this lush string pad the woodwinds and celesta play a slow and beautiful melody with a mysterious character.

Several versions included to include different characters of the track and maximize the usability for the customer.

Five versions included:
"Dark Stillness" complete: 2:27
"Dark Stillness" short edit: 0:57
"Dark Stillness" ethereal edit: 0:57
"Dark Stillness" string pad: 1:47

96 BPM

Fantasy Score: A dark and epic orchestral fantasy music track that calls on a full orchestral instrumental combination along with choir.

This music presents an ethereal and mysterious feeling, designed for use in either dark or high fantasy productions such as film, trailers, video projects, and games.

Five versions:
"Fantasy Score" complete: 2:33
"Fantasy Score" variation 1: 1:40
"Fantasy Score" variation 2: 1:26
"Fantasy Score" variation 3: 0:33
"Fantasy Score" variation 4: 0:20

72 BPM

Great Loss: A resonant women's choir and rich orchestral colors create a beautiful and flowing mood in this cinematic fantasy track.

There's a dark and ethereal character with glimmers of light and hope that create great drama in this music and make it perfect for a wide variety of uses in movie and game trailers and scenes. 

This music is particularly suited to the fantasy genre and sounds a bit like some of the great Hollywood fantasy soundtracks such as the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones. In terms of game soundtracks, this music could be compared to some of the excellent compositions in the Dragon Age and Witcher series.

2:25 duration

96 BPM

Trials: A cinematic orchestral track in the Hollywood style featuring high energy violin spiccatto with an epic horn and low brass section. This piece of music alternates between a rhythmic and action segment with a more melodic and beautiful segment, maintaining a dark and tense charcter throughout.

2:05 Duration

117 BPM

Dark Fantasy Scene: A dark and moody orchestral track that calls on a full orchestral instrumental combination along with choir and subtle solo soprano notes.

This music is mysterious and ominous, designed for use in dark fantasy production such as film, trailers, video projects, and games.

5 versions:
"Dark Fantasy Scene" complete: 2:09
"Dark Fantasy Scene" complete no percussion: 2:09
"Dark Fantasy Scene" short variation 1: 1:08
"Dark Fantasy Scene" short variation 2: 0:38
"Dark Fantasy Scene" stringer: 0:22


Minimal Mysterious Orchestra: Designed as a mysterious backdrop, this seamlessly looping track is ideal for long scenes in film and moments of unknown duration in video games. This track sets a wondrous and concentrated mood with the ethereal tones of harps, bells, and tremolo strings.

Included in the package is both a seamlessly looping version as well as a version with the audio tail for those who prefer to loop with this method.

This music sounds a bit like the soundtracks from Lord of the Rings or the Witcher game series.

1:54 Duration (LOOPING)

63 BPM

Fantastic Adventure: A thrilling and epic fantasy orchestral music track. This music is cinematic and evocative, building up gradually from the violin sections into a full symphonic orchestra.

3 versions included:
"Fantasy Adventure" complete: 2:56
"Fantasy Adventure" ethereal variation: 2:56
"Fantasy Adventure" short edit: 1:51

132 BPM

Elven Realm: A fantasy style cinematic piece of music for string orchestra and choir.

Ethereal harmonies unfold throughout this track, both sung in long tones by a mixed choir of male and female voices. The stringed instruments then enter in force to heighten the emotional level of the music and bring an epic climax before ending on three long and warm chords to conclude.

This track is perfect for film, video projects, trailers and games. The piece sounds a bit like the Lord of the Rings, or Hobbit soundtracks, or other dark fantasy Hollywood productions.

A short edit is also included:
“Elven Realm” complete: 2:12
“Elven Realm” short edit: 1:23

58 BPM

Enchanted Forest: A fantasy style cinematic track featuring harp, piano, violin, and cello.

This track has a light, laid back, relaxed vibe. The harp chords and light piano gestures give this track a magical and spacious sound, evocative of a forest of other natural setting.

This track is perfect for productions in the fantasy genre, particularly for video games and trailers. This track may be looped easily, although it does not loop automatically.

2 versions:
“Enchanted Forest” complete: 2:16
“Enchanted Forest” short edit: 1:14

62 BPM

"A Hero's Trials" is an acoustic orchestral track in the epic cinematic style. The track uses a full string orchestra of separate violin sections, violas, cellos, and double basses. There is also a timpani (orchestral drum) that is featured prominently.

The mood of the track goes from dark to heroic in the two sections. There is a mysterious introduction that builds into a deep and mysterious section before opening up into rich and full, bright harmonies. The music then returns to the dark section through seamless transitions, then once more becomes heroic before ending with a dark, ethereal ending.

This track is similar in style to some of the great Hollywood composers such as Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, and John Williams. This music is most suited towards the fantasy genre but could be integrated into a wide variety of media projects and video work including film and video game scenes and trailers.

four versions:
"A Hero's Trial" complete: 3:39
"A Hero's Trial" no intro: 2:54
"A Hero's Trial" short edit 1: 1:24
"A Hero's Trial" short edit 2: 1:52

60 BPM

Fearless is a dramatic, cinematic, orchestral track that features a choir of french horns and String Orchestra. I purposely left out the percussion and usual booms to give it a more ethereal and possibly fantasy-style affect. I'm really happy with how this one turned out and would love to see someone pick it up for a film, show, and especially video game. 

3 versions:
"Fearless" complete: 1:45
"Fearless" string orchestra solo: 1:45
"Fearless" short edit: 0:55


"Darkness Falls" is an orchestral track with a dark, ambient character. The music features and active layer of strings that are deep and resonant, while slow melodic material is played by an ethereal electric guitar tone, clarinet, and violin in turn.

The music uses rich and warm harmonies in the key of C minor, maintaining a dramatic and suspenseful tone throughout.

Two versions:
"Darkness Falls" complete: 1:40
"Darkness Falls" 1 minute edit: 0:59

58 BPM

"Epic Fantasy" is an orchestral fantasy track that features warm brass tones with an epic string orchestra and choir.A soprano voice sings mysterious melodies as the orchestra around her builds gradually to a huge sustained climax.

The music progresses slowly in a gorgeous and dark bed of sound that evokes scifi and fantasy realms, although the music is not limited to these genres and may be used in a wide range of tv, movie, film, game, and trailer productions.

Four Versions included:
"Epic Fantasy" complete: 4:14
"Epic Fantasy" no voice: 4:14
"Epic Fantasy" short edit 1: 2:00
"Epic Fantasy" short edit 2: 1:14

66 BPM

Night Journey: An epic orchestral track in the Fantasy Hollywood tradition. This music features a Celtic harp playing beautiful strummed chords along with a picked pattern. The harp continues to play at the rest of the orchestra enters beginning with the cello, playing a beautiful and rich melody. The music continues into a section highlighting the brass members of the orchestra before concluding with a big finish.

This music is designed for productions and projects in the fantasy, sci-fi, and suspense genres. 

Two edits of the track included:
"Night Journey" full version: 2:03
"Night Journey" short edit: 0:58


A dark fantasy orchestral track featuring french horns, violins, clarinet, flute, and low strings and brass. 

This track features a repeating chord progression with an ethereal Hollywood style reminiscent of films such as Lord of the Rings and the work of Horner and Zimmer as well as game soundtracks like Dragon Age or Skyrim.


2 versions:

complete: 2:07
short edit: 1:09

An epic orchestral track with a dramatic and high-paced character.

This music was created with a full string orchestra of violins, violas, cellos, and basses along with the orchestral brass of french horns, trumpets, trombones, and tubas. Not moving away from the traditional acoustic instruments, this track has a classical Hollywood soundtrack vibe.

This track was designed for film, tv, and games looking for a big and powerful orchestral soundtrack.

72 BPM


A mysterious and beautiful orchestral track that begins with harp and string orchestra, building to a full orchestral combination of brass, winds, strings, and harp.

The music is dark and suspenseful with a modern Hollywood soundtrack character.

An epic orchestral track in the Fantasy Hollywood tradition. 

This music features a Celtic harp playing beautiful strummed chords along with a picked pattern. The harp continues to play at the rest of the orchestra enters beginning with the cello, playing a beautiful and rich melody. The music continues into a section highlighting the brass members of the orchestra before concluding with a big finish.

This music is designed for productions and projects in the fantasy, sci-fi, and suspense genres.