Byrd Guitar Fantasia: A new version of the solo classical guitar (originally Lute) composition by William Byrde (1558-1623, England). A fantasia is a fantasy, a freely composed piece where the composer follows their intuition when writing, usually resulting in an unpredictable and exciting piece of music.

This music is ideal for period projects like documentaries and games that evoke a renaissance setting.

135 duration

135 BPM

Debussy Children's Corner: A new version of French composer Claude Debussy's "Doctor Gradus ad Panassum" from his children's corner, a series of short piano pieces for kids from 1908. 

This music has a distinctly light, fun, and whimsical character in the classical impressionist style that has recently been favored for cinematic uses in film and television.

2:20 duration

132 BPM

Mozart Alla Turca: A new version of Mozart's famous Alla Turca, the third movement of his Piano Sonata No. 11 in A Major (KV 331 1783). This early classical piece is still immediately recognizable today as one of Mozart's most famous and celebrated works. 

The complete version plus a short edit is included in this download. 

"Mozart Alla Turca" complete: 3:47
"Mozart Alla Turca" short edit: 0:59

120 BPM

Schumann Whims: A new version of Schumann's Whims, from his FantasieStucke (fantasy pieces) Opus 12 for solo piano. A solo classical piano track in the classical chamber style, this piece is joyful and whimsical in character.

4:28 duration

Powerful Brass: An epic and powerful track for orchestral brass with a low piano bass accompaniment. The music builds up over the course of the track as the horns gradually rise up and become more active. The final passage adds high trumpets to the mix for a big conclusion.

Three Versions:
"Powerful Brass" complete: 2:02
"Powerful Brass" 1-minute edit: 1:06
"Powerful Brass" 30-second edit: 0:28

102 BPM

Mournful Strings: A beautiful and emotional track for orchestra that features the string section.

This music is sad, slow, and powerful, somewhat reminiscent of Barber's Adagio for Strings featured in Apocalypse now. The track begins with a slow introduction that then goes to the repeated baseline as the upper strings and increasing instrumental forces surge forth.

This music was designed as orchestral background music or score to film, tv, video games, trailers, and more.

Four versions included:
"Mournful Strings" complete: 2:07
"Mournful Strings" 1-minute edit: 1:07
"Mournful Strings" 40-second edit: 0:37
"Mournful Strings" extended edit: 3:07

96 BPM

Simple Plucked Strings Background: A simple and beautiful background music track that features a cello section performing calm and smooth arpeggiations of a simple chord sequence.

This music is ideal to create a calm and relaxed character with a positive and proud, regal feeling. Ideal uses of this track are in documentaries, public service announcements, and video games (a town scene in an RPG for example).

Three versions included:
"Simple Plucked Strings Background" complete: 2:03
"Simple Plucked Strings Background" short edit: 1:14
"Simple Plucked Strings Background" ad spot: 0:19

69 BPM

Simple Pastoral Tune: A pretty and pastoral classical music track for string orchestra that combines a simple harmonic progression of chords with a slow melodic motion in the violins while cellos pluck to the beat.

This music is calm, positive, and inspirational in tone, great for any project looking for a classical string sound with a bit of cinematic flare.

Three Versions:
"Simple Pastoral Tune" complete: 1:11
"Simple Pastoral Tune"40-second edit: 0:37
"Simple Pastoral Tune" 20-second edit: 0:21

72 BPM

Symphonic Moment: A strong and powerful classical orchestral piece with a pastoral and momentous energy. Perfect as a film score or soundtrack in videos and trailers.

This track features orchestral brass, deep and resonant strings, woodwinds, and melodic violins.

Two versions included:
"Symphonic Moment" complete: 1:15
"Symphonic Moment" 45-second edit: 0:47

72 BPM

Happy Orchestra: A light a fun orchestral track with an inspiring, uplifting, and positive atmosphere. This music builds up from a simple and child like arpeggiation on the glockenspiel (bells) to an epic and emotional climax with a light and fun B section that returns us to the opening arpeggiated section.

Five versions:
"Happy Orchestra" complete: 2:04
"Happy Orchestra" short edit 1: 1:21
"Happy Orchestra" short edit 2: 0:47
"Happy Orchestra" intro only: 0:55
"Happy Orchestra" 30 second edit: 0:30

112 BPM

Beautiful Orchestra: A soft, calm, and beautiful track for brass and string orchestra.

This music is tender and intimate, with a tearful, emotional sentimentality. Designed as background music for sentimental moments in film, games, and trailers, this track employs slow and lush strings to create a beautiful haze of orchestral glory with a slowly rising solo horn and grounded brass bass drone.

Three versions included:
"Beautiful Orchestra" complete: 2:22
"Beautiful Orchestra" short edit: 1:12
"Beautiful Orchestra" 30-second edit: 0:34

76 BPM

Proud Brass: A proud, patriotic, and regal track for brass with light pizzicato string accompaniment.

The track begins with a brass choral that leads into a french horn solo, playing a soaring melodic line and heroic, strong arpeggios.

This track is cinematic and strong in character, perfect for a wide range of audiovisual projects.

Several variations ensure the maximum usability for this music:
"Proud Brass" complete: 2:06
"Proud Brass" no intro: 1:31
"Proud Brass" short edit: 0:34
"Proud Brass" horn solo: 0:22

96 BPM

Moody Strings: A dark and mysterious track for a chamber group of solo strings. This music features slow and rich melodic movements played by violins and cellos, plucked, harmonics, and with normal playing technique.

This music is ideal for projects in the fantasy, sci fi, or dark fantasy genres.

Five Versions:
"Moody Strings" complete: 2:31
"Moody Strings" no intro: 1:52
"Moody Strings" 1-minute edit: 1:03
"Moody Strings" 30-second edit: 0"24

98 BPM

Intimate Strings: A sentimental cinematic track that focuses on the intimacy of a solo string ensemble performing beautiful arpeggios and delicate melodies.

This track features solo violin with cello, and viola.

Four Versions
"Intimate Strings" complete: 1:27
"Intimate Strings" no intro: 1:17
"Intimate Strings" 50-second edit: 0:47
"Intimate Strings" 30-second edit: 0:27

96 BPM

Vast Landscape: A calm, vast, and beautiful orchestral track that gives a calm, peaceful and pastoral feel.

This music has a slowly evolving character, lasting longer than your average production music track. For this reason, several edit of the track are included here so that it may fit and film, video, game or other project.

Five versions included:
"Vast Landscape" complete: 3:43
"Vast Landscape" ambient version: 3:43
"Vast Landscape" short edit 1: 1:42
"Vast Landscape" short edit 2: 2:22
"Vast Landscape" 1 minute edit: 1:02

Pastoral Fields: A beautiful and light medieval music track evoking the vast and open countryside through calm and majestic melodic movements played by a range of orchestral instruments in a chamber music setting accompanied by a rich and lush pad of voices and strings.

This music is ideal for games and video productions in a fantasy style. Although the track doesn't loop seamlessly without any silence, the track is set to loop without rhythmic interruption and so looping the track will sound smooth and correct.

Five versions included:
"Pastoral Fields" complete: 2:15
"Pastoral Fields" no choir: 2:15
"Pastoral Fields" no intro: 1:49
"Pastoral Fields" short edit: 1:23
"Pastoral Fields" very short edit: 0:32

Symphony of HopeA powerful classical orchestral sound makes this a beautiful and rich track. The music provides a hopeful and positive emotional profile imbued with lush harmonies and soaring melodic lines performed by a full symphony orchestra. This music is calm and ethereal with the use of magical sounding chimes and bells that bring a fantasy or cinematic feeling to the music.

Many versions are included to allow for the greatest usability possible. 

Five versions included:
"Symphony of Hope" complete: 2:15
"Symphony of Hope" no chimes: 2:15
"Symphony of Hope" no intro: 1:26
"Symphony of Hope" short edit 1: 1:01
"Symphony of Hope" short edit 2: 0:36

78 BPM

Hopeful Strings: A lush and beautiful orchestral music track for strings. This music is beautiful and rich, featuring smooth and thick harmonies played by a full string orchestra.

The music builds from a slowly changing chord progression played by the cellos to a full and rich expansive passage with a soaring violin melody and deep low bass grounding the music.

Five versions included:
"Hopeful Strings" complete: 2:07
"Hopeful Strings" variation 1 (short edit 1): 1:21
"Hopeful Strings" variation 2 (short edit 2): 0:51
"Hopeful Strings" variation 3 (calm): 0:35
"Hopeful Strings" variation 4 (climax only): 0:21

63 BPM

Expansive Strings: A cinematic orchestral track for string orchestra that features a gradual buildup of instrumental forces from the low basses and cellos up to the violas an violins, each adding a new layer of counterpoint. This music is in a slow tempo and features beautiful melodic movements and hair raising, mysterious harmonic changes.

This music is in the Hollywood orchestral style.

The music is well suited for a wide range of applications including film, tv, games in the fantasy, dark fantasy, dramatic, and suspense genres.

3:03 Duration

63 BPM

Calm Classical Mood: A soft, calm, and beautiful track for full orchestra.

The music begins with a choir af french horns playing a reflective and peaceful chord progression. A solo horn then enters with the melody, maintaining a somber and pastoral mood. As the track continues on the different parts of the orchestra enter, building to climactic and epic moments, always varying the texture and melody throughout.

The music plays like a symphonic work from romantic composers such as Thaikovsky, Debussy, or Faure. The music also has the Hollywood film style in a cinematic sentimental mood, like in the works of John Williams, James Horner, and others.

This track comes with a total of 4 versions, each with a slightly different mood and duration, allowing for the maximum in versatility in syncing the music to film, video, games, and other media platforms.

Versions included:
"Calm Classical Mood" complete: 3:03
"Calm Classical Mood" variation 1: 2:03
"Calm Classical Mood" variation 2: 1:33
"Calm Classical Mood" variation 3: 0:48

64 BPM

Orchestral Comfort: A beautiful and calm track for symphonic orchestra, featuring a low repeated note in the piano and harp with calm and slowly developing harmonic notes entering above.

3 versions:
"Orchestral Comfort" complete: 2:10
"Orchestral Comfort" no piano: 2:10
"Orchestral Comfort" short edit: 1:12

83 BPM

Calm Angels: A female choir chants in the ancient dorian church mode combined with a slow, rhythmic drone played by harp, piano, marimba, horn, and cello.

This track could be considered new age, vocal, or cinematic and is ideal for a wide variety of projects related to subjects such as meditation, yoga, weddings, film, games, and more.

96 BPM

2:25 Duration

An intimate, emotional, romantic piano with cello. The music is cinematic and romantic in character.

The music begins with the piano playing alone in a slow and ambient manner. A subtle melody in the piano emerges just before the entrance of the cello, which then takes the lead voice for the remainder of the track while the piano part is revealed as the accompaniment. 

A second version of the track is included that does not have the introductory solo piano section and goes straight to the cello melody.

2 versions:
"Romantic Cello" complete: 2:09
"Romantic Cello" no intro: 1:40


Heroic Brass: An epic and cinematic track that uses a full orchestral brass section of tubas, trombones, and trumpets to create a full and rich, heroic fanfare. 

This music sound a bit like John Williams' music from star wars and other Hollywood style epic orchestra score.

Two versions included:
Heroic Brass (complete): 2:24
Heroic BRass (short edit): 0:56

88 BPM