Catchy Tune: A fun and upbeat tune for piano, bells, marimba, and toy piano. This music is happy and positive in character, perfect for kids products and advertisements.

Four edits:
"Catchy Tune" complete: 0:45
"Catchy Tune" solo piano edit: 0:28
"Catchy Tune" short edit: 0:28
"Catchy Tune" stinger: 0:11

144 BPM

Island Marimba: A fun little song fro solo marimba that brings a bright and sunny character. Perfect for kids and children's projects and advertisements as well as any project looking to evoke a tropical island atmosphere.

Four edits included:
"Island Marimba" complete: 1:38
"Island Marimba" 1-minute edit: 1:01
"Island Marimba" 40-second edit: 0:40
"Island Marimba" 20-second edit: 0:18

132 BPM

Children's Song: An easy-going children's music track for piano, marimba, toy piano, and celesta (bells). This song provides a simple and pretty melody with variations that maintains a light and child-like tone throughout. 

This music is ideal for kids and children's products, ads, games, and videos.

Four edits included:
"Childrens Song" complete: 2:09
"Childrens Song" 1.5-minute edit: 1:21
"Childrens Song" 30-second edit: 0:33
"Childrens Song" 30-second piano edit: 0:33

120 BPM


Fun Kids: A light and fun tune for marimba toy piano, and celesta (bells). This music is great for children and kids advertisements and projects or any project looking for a childish and upbeat soundtrack.

Four edits included:
"Fun Kids" complete: 2:04
"Fun Kids" 1.5-minute edit: 1:21
"Fun Kids" 40-second edit: 0:38
"Fun Kids" 20-second edit: 0:21

112 BPM

Calming Piano: A calm and relaxing solo piano track perfect as low key kids or children's music.

Perfect as sleepy nap time music for babies and toddlers, this music is ideal for videos and ads for this type of children's programming or products.

Four edits:
"Calming Piano" complete: 2:53
"Calming Piano" 2-minute edit: 2:00
"Calming Piano" 1-minute edit: 0:53
"Calming Piano" 30-second edit: 0:26

A Little Tune: A sweet, simple, and sentimental little tune for kids played on piano with glockenspiel and marimba accompaniment.

Three edits:
"A Little Tune" complete: 1:02
"A Little Tune" short edit: 0:40
"A Little Tune" ad spot:  0:18

132 BPM

Marimba Tune: A fun and upbeat track for solo marimba that is perfect for children's advertisements and productions.

Three Edits included:
"Marimba Tune" complete: 1:05
"Marimba Tune" 40-second edit: 0:40
"Marimba Tune" 15-second edit: 0:15

96 BPM

Happy Piano Song: A fun an upbeat piano song designed for kids. This track features a kind of light rock and roll bass line with simple melodies and harmonic changes.

Three edits included:
"Happy Piano Song" complete: 1:27
"Happy Piano Song" 50-second edit: 0:50
"Happy Piano Song" 30-second edit: 0:29

132 BPM

Piano Fun: A fun and light kids track for piano with toy glockenspiel (bells) and toy percussion. This music is perfect for children's products, videos, shows, and advertisements with it's light and easygoing character. This track features a simple and childish melody that is passed between the piano and bells.

Three edits included:
"Piano Fun" complete: 1:07
"Piano Fun" 40-second edit: 0:40
"Piano Fun" 20-second edit: 0:18

132 BPM

Happy Bell Song: A light, fun, and care free track for solo celesta. This music features arpeggios of bright major chords and a tuneful melody that keeps the positive and upbeat vibe throughout the entire piece.

This track is great for kids advertisements and any projects related to children, play, or education.

Four Edits included:
"Happy Bell Song" complete: 2:07
"Happy Bell Song" 1.5-minute edit: 1:27
"Happy Bell Song" 45-second edit: 0:47
"Happy Bell Song" 30-second edit: 0:27

96 BPM

Fun Orchestra: A fun and light cinematic orchestral track designed as background music for tv, film, commercials, and other video projects. This track could also work well in video games looking for a calm fantasy mood. 

This music features strings, woodwinds, and harp, all of which play melodically and rhythmically. The plucked string sound and staccatto attacks in the winds are an essential part of making this track so upbeat and positive sounding. The music has a classical sound that would also work well in children's advertising or other kids projects.

Three Versions Included:
"Fun Orchestra" complete: 2:29
"Fun Orchestra" 1-minute edit: 1:04
"Fun Orchestra" 30-second edit: 0:32

148 BPM

Fun Kalimba And PianoA fun and light kids music track for kalimba and piano. This music is upbeat and sunny, with the bright and lively tones and melodies that appeal to children. This music is ideal for advertisements, toys, and playtime.

Three versions:
"Fun Kalimba And Piano" complete: 0:55
"Fun Kalimba And Piano" ad spot: 0:25
"Fun Kalimba And Piano" piano solo: 0:25

130 BPM

Old Time Tune: A light and fun solo piano track with an old timey feel that is perfect for old fashioned sports and playful projects.

This music is also great as children's and kids music.

Three Versions:
"Old Time Tune" complete: 1:14
"Old Time Tune" 50-second edit: 0:51
"Old Time Tune" 30-second edit: 0:27

82 BPM

Happy Play: A beautiful, playful, and fun little tune for piano, bass, harp, ukelele, and glockenspiel (bells). This music is pretty and relaxing, perfect for  playtime or or before nap. These characteristics make this music ideal for a wide range of children's products marketing and advertisements.

Three versions:
"Happy Play" complete: 2:13
"Happy Play" short edit: 1:12
"Happy Play" 30-second edit: 0:32

142 BPM

Children Playing: A fun, light, and playful children's music track for bells, glockenspiel, pizz violins, guitar, piano, and shaker.

Five versions included:
"Children Playing" complete: 1:20
"Children Playing" 45-second edit: 0:48
"Children Playing" 20-second edit: 0:19
"Children Playing" extended 2-minute edit: 1:56

134 BPM

Little Harp: A beautiful, playful, and restful little tune for solo harp lullaby. This music is pretty and relaxing, perfect for winding down during playtime or as a before bed lullaby. These characteristics make this music ideal for a wide range of children's products marketing and advertisements.

Four versions included:
"Little Harp" complete: 2:25
"Little Harp" 1-minute edit: 1:10
"Little Harp" 30-second edit: 0:32
"Little Harp" 15-second edit: 0:14

102 BPM

Little Bell Song: A cute and calm kids music track for celesta (bells) that brings a warm and intimate emotional character. This music is ideal for children's advertising and programming looking for a slower, nap-time, or sleepy tune.

Three Versions:
"Little Bell Song" complete: 2:18
"Little Bell Song" 1-minute edit: 1:13
"Little Bell Song" 40-second edit: 0:40

118 BPM

Lullaby: A calm and beautiful lullaby for piano, Celtic harp, guitar harmonics, cello, and music box (bells).

Full Version of "Lullaby": 2:16

Short Edit of "Lullaby": 1:10

72 BPM

Cute Tune: A light and fun kids music track. This music was created with piano, uke, mandolin, harp, and bells. This instrumentation provides a kind of active and playful plucked music sound.

This track is ideal for kids advertisement, products, and branding. It could also be used for a wide range of videos that need a fun and upbeat character.

four versions included:
"Cute Tune" complete: 0:56
"Cute Tune" variation 1: 0:45
"Cute Tune" variation 2: 0:33
"Cute Tune" variation 3: 0:15

160 BPM

Family Scene: A calm and beautiful chamber music track in a child like classical style. 

This music is performed by harp, glockenspiel (bells), solo cello, and solo french horn.

The emotional profile of this music is one of calm, relaxation, and fulfillment. The harp arpeggios and soft cello tones in combination with the bright and clean bell sounds give this track a kind of positive beautiful feel making it perfect for a wide range of film and video projects, especially family and kids/childrens productions due to the sentimental character and simple childlike musical texture.

A total of five tracks are included as heard in the preview:
"Family Scene" complete: 2:09
"Family Scene" variation without horn: 2:09
"Family Scene" short variation 1: 1:20
"Family Scene" short variation 2 (horn solo): 1:18
"Family Scene" very short version: 0:18

156 BPM

Harp Lullaby: A simple little lullaby for harp, acoustic guitar harmonics, and piano.

The music is in a simple two-part structure, perfect for children and kids advertisement and programming.

This track is part of a series of kids music written for my newborn daughter.

58 BPM

2:08 duration

The classic Christmas carol, "O Little Town of Bethlehem", in a new child-like arrangement for music box, zither, and marimba. 

This is a simple and beautiful rendition of the classic xmas that is perfect for a wide variety of uses in advertisements and other holiday productions.

112 BPM

1:12 Duration