Beautiful Background: A beautiful cinematic track that mixes electronic and orchestral elements to create a soft, sentimental mood with a cool and calm character. The synth tones and rhythms combine with the orchestra of strings and brass as well as an ambient electric guitar, making a subtly shifting backdrop of atmospheric sound.

This music is great as a tv, film, or video game soundtrack as well as for corporate videos and programming.

Two versions of the track included:
"Beautiful Background" complete: 1:15
"Beautiful Background" short edit: 0:51

102 BPM

Bed of Warmth: A calm and warm bed of electronic sound made using a combination of synth pad instruments performing a slowly rising chord progression that provides a sense of emotionality and warmth.

This music is designed as a background for videos and games looking for a droning and smooth soundtrack, ideal for yoga, wellness, meditation, and spiritual projects. Two edits are provided in the package, although the ambient nature of this track means that it is easily looped or faded out at almost any point to match any duration required.

Three Versions included:
"Bed of Warmth" complete: 2:23
"Bed of Warmth" 1-minute edit: 1:03
"Bed of Warmth" 30-second edit: 0:36

66 BPM

Warm Orchestra and Choir: A rich and powerful orchestral track in a cinematic and sentimental style. This track features a full orchestra and brass and strings along with an ethereal and beautiful choir of mixed female and male voices.

Five versions of the track included:
"Warm Orchestra and Choir" complete: 2:36
"Warm Orchestra and Choir" 1.5-minute edit: 1:30
"Warm Orchestra and Choir" 1-minute edit: 1:03
"Warm Orchestra and Choir" ad spot: 0:23

72 BPM

Proud Moment: A rich and beautiful orchestra track that features brass and strings. Epic and full chords in a brass fanfare begins the track before the entrance of the string orchestra and solo cello that begins the melodic material. This music has a proud and regal feel.

This music features orchestral brass and strings playing slow and long notes to create a continuous drone of orchestral sound to be used as background music in a wide range of video and game projects. 

Three Versions:
"Proud Moment" complete: 1:10
"Proud Moment" 40-second edit: 0:43
"Proud Moment" 15-second edit: 0:16

72 BPM

Calming Orchestra: A soft, beautiful, and calm orchestral film music track in a classical cinematic style.

This music highlights the string section with a slowly rising bass line played by upright basses and cellos. Above this baseline, beautiful violins perform harmonic counterpoint. As the track continues we reach an emotional section followed by a build up of orchestral forces that includes the horns (brass) and clarinets to come to a big and emotional return to the first section to complete the track.

This music would work well in films, television, video games, and as background music in other visual media.

Four Versions:
"Calming Orchestra" complete: 2:36
"Calming Orchestra" 1-minute edit: 1:09
"Calming Orchestra" 40-second edit: 0:40
"Calming Orchestra" extended edit: 4:03

66 BPM

Violin Bed: A calm and beautiful track for violins playing beautiful harmonies and smooth melodic counterpoint.

This music is sentimental and ethereal. No bass instruments are used, only the upper register sounds of the violin section, which creates a sense of floating and wonder.

This music is great for cinematic uses looking for a positive, inspiring, and cinematic orchestral filmscore sound.

Three Versions Included:
"Violin Bed" complete: 2:07
"Violin Bed" 1-minute edit: 1:06
"Violin Bed" 30-second edit: 0:35

76 BPM

Calming Strings: A soft, calm, and beautiful cinematic orchestral track featuring a warm bed of strings performing slowly changing harmonies. Over the course of the track, the violins slowly rise up in pitch to make a small climax while always remaining in an atmospheric, background music mood.

This music is in a classical symphonic style with a sentimental and deeply emotional feel that makes it loving, pastoral, and sorrowful. This track is reminiscent of a hollywood filmscore style and is perfect for film, tv, trailers, documentaries, video games, presentations, and more.

Three Versions:
"Calming Strings" complete: 2:17
"Calming Strings" 1.5-minute edit: 1:24
"Calming Strings" 1-minute edit: 0:55
"Calming Strings" 30-second edit: 0:30

72 BPM

Beautiful Orchestral Build: A slowly building up orchestral track with swelling energy and a sentimental, emotional character. This music is in a classical, romantic style that evokes nature and proud, regal feelings.

This music is great for bringing a cinematic and powerful, epic orchestral feel to any project. This music would make a great film score, video game soundtrack, or in any emotional scene, presentation, or trailer.

Four Versions Included:
"Beautiful Orchestral Build" complete versions: 2:30
"Beautiful Orchestral Build" 1.5-minute edit: 1:36
"Beautiful Orchestral Build" 1-minute edit: 0:56
"Beautiful Orchestral Build" 30-second edit: 0:30

72 BPM

String Adagio: A slow and beautiful track for string orchestra, using carefully combined violin and cello timbres and playing techniques to create a slowly unfolding bed of lush string sound that is at once calm as well as deeply sad and emotional.

Two edits included:
"String Adagio" complete: 2:06
"String Adagio" short edit: 1:10

72 BPM

Beautiful Sunrise: A slow, calm, and beautiful cinematic production music track for chimes, strings, low brass, and low winds (bassoon).

This music unfolds and builds up slowly, evoking the image of a beautiful sunrise. This track would work well in a wide range of cinematic projects that are looking for a sentimental, relax, and ambient orchestral sound with the atmospheric haze of resonant chimes.

Four Versions Included:
"Beautiful Sunrise" complete: 2:15
"Beautiful Sunrise" 1-minute edit: 1:13
"Beautiful Sunrise" 40-second edit: 0:42
"Beautiful Sunrise" no chimes: 2:15

62 BPM

Emotional Sadness: A calm, lush, and beautiful background orchestral music track. This track features a pad of low and resonant strings playing open fifths while 

beautiful and slow melodies performed by a solo cello and bassoon are played above.

This music is cinematic and sentimental, perfect for film, tv, ads, and games as well as projects related to yoga, concentration, and wellness.

Four edits included:
"Emotional Sadness" complete: 3:31
"Emotional Sadness" 2-minute edit: 2:07
"Emotional Sadness" 1-minute edit: 01:51
"Emotional Sadness" ad spot: 0:23

102 BPM


Beautiful: A soft, calm, lush, and beautiful track for harp and string orchestra.

This music is tender and intimate, with a tearful and intimate sentimentality. This music was designed for film, trailers, games, and any project that needs a tender orchestral underscore.

Five versions included:
"Beautiful" complete: 2:15
"Beautiful" short edit 1: 1:33
"Beautiful" short edit 2: 0:52
"Beautiful" no harp (strings solo): 2:15

92 BPM

Cello Lament: A slow and sorrowful track for solo cello with string orchestra.

Three Versions:
"Cello Lament" complete: 3:00
"Cello Lament" short edit: 1:32
"Cello Lament" 30-second edit: 0:36

52 BPM

Fun Strings: A light and fun kids classical track for a chamber string quartet. This track features solo stringed instruments of violin, viola, and cello to create an upbeat and fun children's music track.

The positive and energetic feel of this track makes it ideal for a range of commercial usages in promotional videos, advertisements, and presentations.

Five Versions:
"Fun Strings" complete: 2:03
"Fun Strings" short edit: 1:25
"Fun Strings" middle part only: 0:56
"Fun Strings" ad spot: 0:23
"Fun Strings" background groove: 0:11

102 BPM

Cello Energy: A light and energetic classical track that features the cello with an accompanying viola. This music is upbeat, positive, and full of energy, making it perfect for promotional videos and advertisements looking to inspire and motivate the audience.

The exciting arpeggios combined with the smooth legato playing make this track both emotional and bright/clean in character.

72 BPM

0:36 Duration

Moment Of Clarity: A sentimental cinematic track for string orchestra. This music is emotional and beautiful, presenting a long progression of lush harmonies to produce a push and pull of emotions in a full, deep, and moving orchestral track.

Five versions included:
"Moment of Clarity" complete: 1:22
"Moment of Clarity" variation 1 (no intro): 1:09
"Moment of Clarity" variation 2 (climactic): 0:42
"Moment of Clarity" variation 3 (soft pad): 0:42
"Moment of Clarity" variaiton 4 (short stringer): 0:15

72 BPM

Vast Landscape: A calm, vast, and beautiful orchestral track that gives a calm, peaceful and pastoral feel.

This music has a slowly evolving character, lasting longer than your average production music track. For this reason, several edit of the track are included here so that it may fit and film, video, game or other project.

Five versions included:
"Vast Landscape" complete: 3:43
"Vast Landscape" ambient version: 3:43
"Vast Landscape" short edit 1: 1:42
"Vast Landscape" short edit 2: 2:22
"Vast Landscape" 1 minute edit: 1:02

California Sunrise: A calm, warm, and comfortable ambient music track with a laid back and wonderous character.

This track presents reversed piano music with electric guitar and reversed guitar and synths to create a beautiful fog of deep and thick sound.

This track is ideal as background music in a wide range of video projects.

2 versions included:
"California Sunrise" complete: 2:07
"California Sunrise" short edit: 1:01

66 BPM

Beautiful Haze: A soft, calm, and beautiful track for piano and string orchestra.

This music is tender and intimate, with an almost tearful sentimentality. Designed as background music for emotional films, games, and trailers, this track employs slow piano arpeggios and lush strings to create a beautiful haze of orchestral glory.

Five versions included:
"Beautiful Haze" complete: 2:31
"Beautiful Haze" piano solo: 2:25
"Beautiful Haze" variation 1: 1:39
"Beautiful Haze" variation 2: 0:57
"Beautiful Haze" variation 3: 0:26

92 BPM

Sad Reflection: A slow and beautiful cinematic dark ambient track for electric guitar, piano, and low string basses. This track is designed as background music and features a slow oscillation between two arpeggiated guitar chords that plays throughout the track.

"Sad Reflection" complete: 2:16
"Sad Reflection" guitar solo: 2:16
"Sad Reflection" variation 1: 1:02
"Sad Reflection" variation 2: 1:02
"Sad Reflection" variation 3: 0:28

72 BPM

Family Scene: A calm and beautiful chamber music track in a child like classical style. 

This music is performed by harp, glockenspiel (bells), solo cello, and solo french horn.

The emotional profile of this music is one of calm, relaxation, and fulfillment. The harp arpeggios and soft cello tones in combination with the bright and clean bell sounds give this track a kind of positive beautiful feel making it perfect for a wide range of film and video projects, especially family and kids/childrens productions due to the sentimental character and simple childlike musical texture.

A total of five tracks are included as heard in the preview:
"Family Scene" complete: 2:09
"Family Scene" variation without horn: 2:09
"Family Scene" short variation 1: 1:20
"Family Scene" short variation 2 (horn solo): 1:18
"Family Scene" very short version: 0:18

156 BPM

Calm Classical Mood: A soft, calm, and beautiful track for full orchestra.

The music begins with a choir af french horns playing a reflective and peaceful chord progression. A solo horn then enters with the melody, maintaining a somber and pastoral mood. As the track continues on the different parts of the orchestra enter, building to climactic and epic moments, always varying the texture and melody throughout.

The music plays like a symphonic work from romantic composers such as Thaikovsky, Debussy, or Faure. The music also has the Hollywood film style in a cinematic sentimental mood, like in the works of John Williams, James Horner, and others.

This track comes with a total of 4 versions, each with a slightly different mood and duration, allowing for the maximum in versatility in syncing the music to film, video, games, and other media platforms.

Versions included:
"Calm Classical Mood" complete: 3:03
"Calm Classical Mood" variation 1: 2:03
"Calm Classical Mood" variation 2: 1:33
"Calm Classical Mood" variation 3: 0:48

64 BPM

Depth: A slow and beautiful cinematic dark ambient track for electric guitar, piano, and low string basses. This track is designed as background music and features a slow oscillation between two arpeggiated guitar chords that plays throughout the track.

"Depth" complete: 2:20
"Depth" edit 1: 1:47
"Depth" edit 2: 1:14
"Depth" edit 3: 0:41

72 BPM

Quiet Night: A beautiful and calm track featuring ambient piano chords with a slow and touching, melodic guitar solo. This music is ambient and beautiful, a touching soundtrack for many productions.

70 BPM

2:21 Duration

Solitary: A slow, beautiful, and melancholy track for electric guitars and orchestral double basses.

This music could be classified as ambient western or ambient rock, with the rich guitar tones and drone atmosphere. The slow melody has a sentimental emotional character, gradually building and unfolding but staying within the calm and peaceful overall feel.

two versions included:
"Solitary" complete: 2:11
"Solitary" short version: 1:52

72 BPM

Calm and Sweet: A beautiful and sweet track for piano, harp, cello pizz, and violins. The music is simple and child-like with a tender and cute profile.

84 BPM
2:12 Duration

Orchestral Comfort: A beautiful and calm track for symphonic orchestra, featuring a low repeated note in the piano and harp with calm and slowly developing harmonic notes entering above.

3 versions:
"Orchestral Comfort" complete: 2:10
"Orchestral Comfort" no piano: 2:10
"Orchestral Comfort" short edit: 1:12

83 BPM

Awakening: A beautiful, chilled out, calm track for ambient guitars, synth, and piano. One electric guitar plays a rich and slow melodt that ebbs and flow while a tapestry of evolving sound and spacious piano notes creates a backdrop.

Perfect for any project portraying calm, peace, concentration, well being, and more. The music stays in the calm and laid back mood throughout.

66 BPM
2:41 Duration

"Ethereal Bliss" is a meditative ambient track. The music is relaxing with a slowly evolving mixture of pure sounds and distant vocal and string tones. Shifts in intrumental tone color and harmony occur gradually, creating the illusion of an ever-changing tapestry of sound but without being able to know exactly where the changes begin and where they end. 

The music is soft and peaceful, promoting a feeling of good will and allowing for inward and outward concentration through a sense of floating space and slow breathe.

This track can also work well as mood music for any number of media productions. Many different cuts of the track are included to fit different projects and the music can be easily looped of further trimmed.

Five Versions of the track are included:
"Ethereal Bliss" complete: 6:08
"Ethereal Bliss" 4 minute edit: 4:00
"Ethereal Bliss" 3 minute edit: 2:56
"Ethereal Bliss" 1.5 minute edit: 1:36
"Ethereal Bliss" 30 second edit: 0:32


Calm Angels: A female choir chants in the ancient dorian church mode combined with a slow, rhythmic drone played by harp, piano, marimba, horn, and cello.

This track could be considered new age, vocal, or cinematic and is ideal for a wide variety of projects related to subjects such as meditation, yoga, weddings, film, games, and more.

96 BPM

2:25 Duration

Lament: A calm and beautiful folk track for a lonely male vocalist with a folksy dulcimer accompaniment. The music is soulful and sad, as if the singer is performing a lament for a person they lost.

This track would work well in a wide range of commercial and video projects looking for an intimate, rural, and emotional character.

100 BPM
2:22 Duration

Spiritual Choir: A beautiful choral track focusing on female choir and solo female voice (soprano). 

The music is slow and harmonious, evoking a solemn and spiritual atmosphere. This music is cinematic and emotional, evoking a vivid and powerful reaction in the listener. The slowly moving vocal parts are reminiscent of the sacred, ancient music style of Gregorian chant (although not monophonic) or other polyphonic church music.

This music would work well in tv, movies, film, video games, and other projects demanding a dreamy, peaceful, and ethereal feeling.

3 versions included:
"Spiritual Choir" complete: 2:55
"Spiritual Choir" short edit: 1:23
"Spiritual Choir" loop: 0:09

52 BPM

320 KBPS .MP3 and 44.1 16-bit .WAV files included

An intimate, emotional, romantic track for solo piano with cello. The music is cinematic and romantic in character.

The music begins with the piano playing alone in a slow and ambient manner. A subtle melody in the piano emerges just before the entrance of the cello, which then takes the lead voice for the remainder of the track while the piano part is revealed as the accompaniment. 

A second version of the track is included that does not have the introductory solo piano section and goes straight to the cello melody.

2 versions included:
"Romantic Cello" complete: 2:09
"Romantic Cello" no intro: 1:40