creative commons cinematic music

Horror Story: A dark and frightening horror music track in the cinematic orchestral style. This music features string, performing in terrifying and other-worldy ways to create an intense and highly suspenseful atmosphere.

3 versions are included to ensure the maximum usability. These three versions may also be used at different moments in a creative production to provide and comprehensive and unified soundtrack:

"Horror Story" complete: 3:29

78 BPM

Epic Orchestral Trailer is exactly how it sounds. I set out to write an exciting, dark, and driving piece of orchestral music that would work well for film trailers and promo videos that are looking for an expansive and intense mood. 



Cinematic Brass: A slow and beautiful track for brass instruments. This music is melodic, harmonious, and sentimental in character, ideal for setting a solemn, patriotic, or sacred mood. This track features a choir of french horns, but the trombones and tubas are also used.

The Darkness is a cinematic track that combines acoustic guitar with string orchestra to create a rich and ominous atmosphere. The music repeats a rising bass line and chord progression throughout the track, which subtle changes in the string part accompany melodic guitar lines.

Magical Landscape is an orchestral track that transports the listener to a calm, ethereal realm. The string accompaniment features smooth harmonic changes that will give the listener shivers. The first melody is played by celesta and piano, then expanding out to flutes, oboes, clarinets, and horns as the the tracks builds towards it's climax.