Dark Action: A fun and energetic electronic music track designed for use in video game soundtracks. The music has a retro feel, evoking chiptune and 8bit video game music eras with a modern twist.

A seamlessly looping file as well as a version with an audio tail are included to allow for two different ways to loop the music according to the preference of the customer.

1:03 Duration

136 BPM

Electro Backdrop: A smooth and cool electro track with a retro feel and laid back downtempo character.

The music is varied but has a repetitive feel since the musician combination of instruments and sounds stays the same throughout the track. This makes it perfectly designed for background music, especially in games, where the track can be easily looped.

2:59 duration

67 BPM

Crystal Palace, A beautiful and crystalline ambient music track for synth, electric guitar played with bow, and boys choir. 

This track is slow and beautiful, featuring gradually shifting harmonies and melodies performed by rich and warm instrumental colors. Created as background and mood music for tv, film, games, and other video projects, this music is atmospheric and relaxing without sudden changes and distractions.

The main track comes with two additional edits for maximum ease of use:

“Crystal Palace” complete: 2:15

66 BPM

The Sewers: An electronic video game music track that loops seamlessly. This music was designed for use in video game (console, web, app, PC, mobile, etc) as well as gaming related projects.

This track has a mysterious quality and rich synth timbres, reminiscent of retro game music from the early Nintendo and Atari days, but updated in fidelity and sample quality.

Pentatonic Game Music, A beautiful backdrop of positive music made to inspire and motivate. This track is composed from bass, kick drum, piano, guitars, and ambient synth pad.

157 BPM

1:05 loops seamlessly