Elven Realm: A fantasy style cinematic piece of music for string orchestra and choir.

Ethereal harmonies unfold throughout this track, both sung in long tones by a mixed choir of male and female voices. The stringed instruments then enter in force to heighten the emotional level of the music and bring an epic climax before ending on three long and warm chords to conclude.

This track is perfect for film, video projects, trailers and games. The piece sounds a bit like the Lord of the Rings, or Hobbit soundtracks, or other dark fantasy Hollywood productions.

A short edit is also included:
“Elven Realm” complete: 2:12
“Elven Realm” short edit: 1:23

58 BPM

Enchanted Forest: A fantasy style cinematic track featuring harp, piano, violin, and cello.

This track has a light, laid back, relaxed vibe. The harp chords and light piano gestures give this track a magical and spacious sound, evocative of a forest of other natural setting.

This track is perfect for productions in the fantasy genre, particularly for video games and trailers. This track may be looped easily, although it does not loop automatically.

2 versions:
“Enchanted Forest” complete: 2:16
“Enchanted Forest” short edit: 1:14

62 BPM

Magical Landscape is an orchestral track that transports the listener to a calm, ethereal realm. The string accompaniment features smooth harmonic changes that will give the listener shivers. The first melody is played by celesta and piano, then expanding out to flutes, oboes, clarinets, and horns as the the tracks builds towards it's climax.