Electro Attack: An intense, driving, and powerful electro track with loud distorted synth colors and a fast-paced beat. This track has a dark and cinematic character.

114 BPM

Electro Backdrop: A smooth and cool electro track with a retro feel and laid back downtempo character.

The music is varied but has a repetitive feel since the musician combination of instruments and sounds stays the same throughout the track. This makes it perfectly designed for background music, especially in games, where the track can be easily looped.

2:59 duration

67 BPM

"On a Mission" is a cinematic action music track designed to get the heart beating and blood pumping by adding focus and attention to a visual scene or video game. 

Electronic synths were used to create this track, and a wide variety of sounds were used to create an intense and ever changing sound world. There is a repeated bass line and melodic line that carry through the track as pads and leads enter and exit the scene.

Two versions are included, one with and one without the drum beat. The version without the drumbeat become may  ambient and may be better suited as background music.

100 BPM
duration: 2:07

"Blissful Trance" is an electronica track with an upbeat, positive feel. This is a great pump up dance track with a great beat and a swirling tapestry of synth tones.

The music has an uplifting and energetic character, perfect for infusing energy into your media projects.

132 BPM

1:41 duration