Promotion: A beautiful motivational corporate track featuring the solo cello with electric bass, drums, piano, synth, and electric guitar harmonics.

This music is bright and clear with an active surface of arpeggiations. There is also a central section of the piece that offers a brief intimate moment.

2:17 Duration

Orchestral Inspiration: An uplifting orchestral motivational track that mixes orchestral strings with electric bass, drums, hand claps, and shakers.

Duration: 2:15

140 BPM

Fun Motivational: A fun and upbeat motivational corporate track.

130 BPM

complete version: 2:03
short edit: 1:09

Everything's Alright is imbued with positive, joyous, and relaxing energy. Great for setting the right mood in TV, commercials, Film, or games.

The track begins with a short piano solo with laid-back drums accompaniment, then the central part of the song adds a flute and clarinet as well as a bass and celesta, giving the piano a rich, bright, and bell-like quality.


Happy Bells is a fun and upbeat track designed for advertisement and other corporate uses.