Mellow: A calm, deep, and mellow ambient music track created with electric guitar, low orchestral strings and brass, ebow guitar, and synth pad.

The repeated ambient electric guitar groove grounds this track, giving it a general pulse, while the deep bass and tubas ground the sound with their rich and low tone. There is also a slow melodic part that is played by synth and ebow electric guitar.

3 versions included:
"Mellow" complete: 3:10
"Mellow" 2-minute edit: 2:03
"Mellow" 1-minute edit: 0:56

"Deep Concentration" is an ambient soundscape with a warm, rich, and beautiful tone. The harmony in the track portrays a calm stasis with subtly shifting instrumental timbres lurring the mind into a meditative, concentrated state. The pace of this track is slow and relaxed, suggestive of slow breathing, perfect for portraying an exalted and enlightened mood. This track can also work well as background music for any number of media productions. Three different cuts of the track are included to fit different projects and the music can be easily looped of further trimmed.

Electro Backdrop: A smooth and cool electro track with a retro feel and laid back downtempo character.

The music is varied but has a repetitive feel since the musician combination of instruments and sounds stays the same throughout the track. This makes it perfectly designed for background music, especially in games, where the track can be easily looped.

2:59 duration

67 BPM

Resonance: An ambient soundscape that promotes calm and relaxation. This track is made from the resonance of an electric guitar, creating a clear and ethereal sound.

The ambient nature means that the music may be repeated or edited easily, faded in and out to fit any media creation.

2:13 Duration

52 BPM

Cinematic Metal: A heavy metal distorted guitar plays a slow and epic lead role as swirly textures of orchestral color sit in the deep and rich resonance of the electric guitar sounds.

Perfect for game and movie trailers as well as a wide range of metal-themed media productions.

92 BPM

2:11 duration