It's been a while since my last post, so here is a general update and roadmap for the future of the blog portion of this site:

Sales Reports:
I suspended making them as they have largely been unchanged insofar as I make most of my income from Audiojungle and Pond5 with little bits from here and there in addition. I've continued to hover around 1000-1500 per month despite in increasing library size... perhaps it's just that you always need to have something new and relevent or pehaps also just the growing number of options and even free options out there for music means that the ppot is more spread out.

I would like to make more sample library reviews and will be putting these out soon. Please comment with any requests. I've recently been really into Spitfire's stuff, so I will likely be reviewing those or perhaps doing some comparisons between orchestral libraries.

My seocnd kid was born last June and I've just finished up my Doctorate, so it's been busy! No excuses, but hopefully this means that I will be able to revitalize this blog and site with some TLC in the near future!