Considering Sales and Profit (migration of June 10 entry)

This post will provide a follow-up to my first blog post, "My First Month Selling Stock Audio", where I laid out my entry into production music. 

Thus far, my experiences have been the same in terms of sales, where Pond5 and AudioJungle provide the majority of the sales. I continue to test the waters and hope for success with other sites. For instance, I've been trying to put packs of my music on the Unity and Unreal stores as I think my work is particularly appropriate for video games.

Library and Sales Data as of April 30th, 2015:
AudioJungle: 22  tracks, 11 sales ($51 profit) (exclusive artist)
Pond5: 209 tracks, 12 sales ($100 profit) (non exclusive)
Luckstock:  105 tracks, 0 sales (non-exclusive)
Tunefruit: 1 track, 0 sales (non-exclusive)
Audiosparx: 26 tracks, 0 sales (exclusive artist)

Compared to today, June 11th, 2015:
AudioJungle: 65  tracks, 42 sales ($313 profit) (exclusive artist)
Pond5: 337 tracks, 31 sales ($248 profit) (non exclusive)
Luckstock:  105 tracks, 1 sales ($12 profit) (non-exclusive)
Tunefruit: 4 tracks, 0 sales (non-exclusive)
Audiosparx: 26 tracks, 0 sales (exclusive artist)
MusicDealers: 5 tracks, 0 sales (non exclusive)
Unity Asset Store: 4 music packs, 0 sales (non-exclusive)
Unreal Marketplace: 1 music pack, 3 sales ($44.97 profit)

Production of Tracks and Momentum:
I continue to write music at a rapid rate, aiming for a minimum of three new tracks daily, which I achieved with the exception of one weekend where I had to travel for a concert of my contemporary classical music in another city. This rate of production has at times been difficult to keep up and I noticed that if I ever forced myself to make a track it usually wasn't of a quality I would have liked unless I could find something inspiring to work with. My solution is to vary the type of music and challenge myself. I'll write more about this in a future post concentrating on the issues of inspiration and it's relationship with quality of music (and life!).

So far so good, considering how new I am to this industry, While I've been enjoying making this music, I hope that I can eventually diversify and do custom music and scoring, which will hopefully not only allow for a new artistic and technical challenge, but also be financially worthwhile in the long run.