Sales Report - July and August

I've finally come around to picking up where I left off in tracking my sales of royalty-free music and my journey into commercial music. Squeezing in this type of update as a new parent cane be tough!

Here are the numbers:


AudioJungle: $520.50

Pond5: $79.50

Other Marketplaces: $40



AudioJungle: $500.40

Pond5: $94.00

Other Marketplaces: $50

Custom Contract through AudioJungle: $2000

I currently host 700 non-exclusive tracks (about 400 not including edits) and 184 exclusive tracks on AudioJungle.

As is obvious from above, AudioJungle continues to be the main source of income. It should be noted, though that Pond5 has had a big upswing since September 1st, and I've sold tracks on Pond5 in pace with audiojungle so far this month. Interestingly enough, the increase in sales on Pond5 has coinciding with my increasing my prices, something I hope to learn more about and discuss in the future.

With my new website, which launched September 8th,  I am attempting to host my non-exclusive track on, which takes only 5% of sales. I've written about this switch in a recent post here

As for the custom contract - this was a wonderful surprise, being contacted by a customer who found my vocal music work on AudioJungle and desired a set of 10 custom tracks for their video series. This contract was a huge success, both the customer and I were satisfied with the contract and resulting music and I hope to get more work like this in the future.