New Daughter and Website, moving my library to

I'm pleased to announce that I'm now the father of a beautiful little girl, born June 16th as well as the owner of a brand new website, moving from Weebly to Squarespace

The bigger change is also now that I have a sizable library of production music in a wide variety of styles and genres, I'm uploading my tracks to Sellfy and organizing my website as what will hopefully be the main place where people come looking for my music.

The advantage of sellfy is that they are basically just a hosting site for digital goods, taking only %5 of sales, much less than stock music sites or even most other digital goods marketplaces. The downside is that Sellfy will not likely be bringing me any customers, I will have to advertise and promote my music on my own.

The other downside to moving towards Sellfy is that I am responsible for the license and protecting my work.  This goes both ways, however, I set my own price and write my own license agreement, which although it's more work for me it's also more personal control over the work. Furthermore, hosting my own tracks on my own site means that, at least for now, customers may browse by genre, but there is no search function, something I hope to change in the future.

I will post again soon regarding if my switch to sellfy has worked for a new income stream or not. 

I will post again soon, to catch up on my July and August sales reports and hopefully also make an entry about some things on the creative side of production music.