Sales Report for September, 2015

Time (or a little overtime) for my monthly sales report of my production music.

Audiojungle remains the frontrunner, although despite an ever-increasing library the income seems to have levelled off around the $500/month mark, hopefully this will change.

Pond5 has seen an increase in sales and profit, which I attribute to my increase in prices across my entire library there.

Thus far I have not sold any tracks via sellfy directly through this website. I sincerely hope this changes in the future and become my primary place to sell music, but at the moment I can't seem to bring any customers. Suggestions anyone?

Here's the breakdown:

AudioJungle: 55 sales $458.55 (200 items available)

Pond5: 31 sales $317 (about 400 tracks plus variations available)

Other marketplaces: about $100